Arranging Marriages – Part 20 (aka, Let’s keep on tryin’)

Posted on: September 19, 2012

It had been all quiet on the Western match-making front for a bit – and then, on Monday while I was shopping, I called home.

Dad: “We need to talk to you- call us when you get back to your place.”

Me (a little panicky): “Why? What’s going on ??? What’s up??”

Them: “Just call us later.”

Me: “Just tell me now! What is it?!?!?!”

Dad: “So, there’s another boy”

OMG! I thought someone was sick or died!!! Jeez — why they thought they couldn’t tell me that while I was shopping is beyond me. Did they think I’d throw a tantrum and start freaking out in the middle of the store? They’re so weird sometimes.

Me : “That’s fine!”

Dad: “But, he’s a month older than you. So his mom was going to check and see if he was ok with that or was looking for something younger.”

Me: “Ok!”

Shit like this used to get me soooooooooo angry. And now, I don’t care. Is it completely insane that BEING THE SAME AGE IS NOW TOO OLD??? Yes. It is. Do I care enough to get worked up? No.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t bother me anymore… maybe it will again in the next month or so, but for now, I just can’t muster enough energy to care.

So I guess dad emailed him and we’ll see what the response is.

Then, just today,… Z’s aunt called. She asks my mom: “So, how are they doing? When are they meeting??”

My mom, while telling me the story, was just like: :”WTF.”

My mom says to her: “Well… they’re not talking. He never calls CurryLove and doesn’t bother to respond to her texts or anything. He didn’t even call or email when he got back from his training.”

SO THEN! Because my mom is awesome, she says to me: “Why should you have to do all the work?!?! He didn’t ever email you. He could’ve still text-mext you! That doesn’t take any time. He could even do it while sitting on the toilet.”

HALLELUJAH. SHE HEARD ME!!!!!  All those times I thought she didn’t, she heard and she listened. I love when she surprises me 🙂

Z’s aunt said she had no clue about anything and thought we were still talking. Ok, seriously, what the fuck is he telling them?!!? She said she’d ask him what’s going on and get back to my mom. Dude. Even his own family if playing for MY side.

And then, to wrap things up, my mom told me, in these exact words, that she bought me a “pointy bra” … from the flea market. She thinks it’ll make my sari blouses fit better. Awesome. I buy bras so my nips don’t show, and my mom does the exact opposite, but still thinks I need a reduction. Ha! Love it 🙂

If my mom has her way, this is how I’ll look under the sari                                                     


2 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 20 (aka, Let’s keep on tryin’)"

CL, I was snarling for you hearing that “not young enough” crap. I’m super impressed with your zen-like reaction. Seriously. Even if it changes in a few weeks, days, minutes – gah! I’m glad your mom is so in your court with the Z stuff — if not with the undergarments. The pointy bra also makes me think about the 50s silhouette — I never got why boobs as torpedoes looked good. A guy thing? That would be the only thing that would make sense.

The zen-like reaction is abnormal and I don’t know why it happened, but I’m gonna go with the flow 😉 Pointy bras… who knows why! I try not to think about why mom thinks it would be a good idea…

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