Things that make me feel old – Part 1

Posted on: September 23, 2012


I’m old…ish. I know it. And this weekend totally reaffirmed that. Let me count the ways:

1) At a happy hour on Friday, I spent most of the time discussing my desire to go to ANY type of dinner theater in town: murder mystery, Shakespeare in a pub, Medieval Times… whatever. If there’s food and a show involved, apparently, I *will* be there.

2) Also at this happy hour, we discussed the possibility of having twins or triplets. My NATURAL possibility is high, because I’m so old, my ovaries are shooting out multiple eggs at a time.

3) A mutual love for  Downton Abbey was also discussed (even though I thought the second season sucked). I’d rather watch Masterpiece Classic than Keeping up with the Kardashians. Actually, that just makes me smart. Not old.

4) Going out on Saturday evening, we realized a few of us needed to eat, and we didn’t want to drink without some food (responsible drinking =OLD). We ate and had drinks… and sat there till “last call” and never made it to the bar we wanted to, because we were all so freaking stuffed. So we now know that we have to either choose food or drinks on a given night, because we can’t do both. And then we talk about our distended bellies and made scatological jokes on how to relieve the pain of having eating the worst possible food.

5) We ate here and I don’t even care that the girls were at least 10 years younger than me. I’m confident enough in myself to delusionally think I could get a job there… if i really wanted.

6) Recovery from a night out takes a full day, at minimum.

7) I prefer to wear elastic waist band pants. As much as I possibly can. This may be due to the weight gain and not the age, but let’s face it… the hopeful eventual weight loss is going to be difficult because of said age.




1 Response to "Things that make me feel old – Part 1"

Haha! Meee too, CL — except that I’ve always kind of acted like an oldie, even 10 years ago. Matt and I have watched every single (there are 12 -12!- seasons) Agatha Christie’s Poirots. The commercials that they show during the breaks are for sofas that literally lift you out of the seat… good for old joints. Downton Abby is wayyy younger 😉
ps- it takes me an entire weekend to recover from a Friday night out… and that means three drinks over eight hours, and home by 2:30. Good lawd!

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