My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 3

Posted on: October 24, 2012

Friday night, I was waiting for my sister and her kids to fly in. They were spending the night at my place and we were driving home Saturday to start festivities for my brother’s wedding (coming up this weekend).

I sat in the cell phone lot and checked my email and got this gem from my dad.  The subject was: “friendly reminder”

The email:

just remember somebody is birthday tomorrow,bye

The best part about this email isn’t the spelling or grammar…. it’s that the reminder was FOR MOM’S BIRTHDAY!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!! Me and my sister laughed so hard that 1) he thought we’d forget and because 2) he’s the one who never says “Happy Birthday.” He usually just throws a card (if anything) at my mom and mumbles something that sounds like “shmappy firfday” – god forbid he show emotion!

Omg. Fucking hilarious.


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