Arranging Marriages – Part 21 (These boys LIE)

Posted on: November 7, 2012

At the beginning of the year, my Masi (my aunt from my mom’s side) tried to set me up with this boy whose family she knows. The boy and I emailed a few times and the last I heard from him he was going to Vegas to watch March Madness and he’d call when he got back. IN MARCH. MARCH. SEVEN FUCKING MONTHS AGO.

He never called. Surprise surprise.

Then this weekend, my Masi emails me and says that his mom emailed her and that his mom told her that HE never heard from me. Ever. That we never talked.

That fucking liar.


So I emailed my Masi back this:

“Hi Masi- this was the last I heard from J on email. He said he would call but I never heard from him or got a message. I didn’t call either, since he said he would.  I don’t know what you want to tell his mom though. We talked on email so it’s not true that he never heard from me.

But, he’s obviously not interested so I don’t think we need to pursue this any further.”

My Masi, because she’s bad ass, just forwarded that email to HIS MOM. Awesome.

Seriously, when will these boys stop lying? When they can so easily be caught? Then, C’s mom called my mom. Because they’re still chatting apparently, and told her that C said he’d call me but hadn’t heard back …. LIAR. MOTHER.FUCKING.LIAR.

Right before I left to go home for the wedding, he’d called and left a message. I called him back the next day and left him a voicemail, and let him know that although I couldn’t chat, he was welcome to text-mext or email. I got NOTHING while I was at home. So she tells my mom that he called but never heard from me, and he thought I was still in Africa….

What part of my message where I said “Hey, I’m going home to Florida” was too hard for him to understand? WHAT PART?

These assholes make me so ragey. Like I literally want to HIT someone. One of them would be perfect.

{Oh – and Z’s aunt and uncle came to the wedding. His aunt called my mom tonight and told her how fun the wedding was and that I looked great in my outfit. Too bad she’s already married, because she’s got more interest in me than her idiot nephew.)




6 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 21 (These boys LIE)"

Boys are stupid sometimes. That’s the best I got on that one.

I seem to get all the stupid ones!! lol

So annoying! These boys need to grow a pair…

– K.

I have been waiting for that for 10+ years…. I guess I’ll keep waiting.

Seriously, just so cowardly. I’m actually glad none of them have actually contacted you — it would be terrible to try to make it through a conversation (not to mention a relationship) with such an easily intimidated boy. Sigh. Onwards!

I know!!! I just don’t understand…

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