Unforgettable….? Not so much. (UPDATED!)

Posted on: November 9, 2012

It’s my birthday today and my parents didn’t call until 5pm. Usually they’re the first, so I thought they forgot … again.

A few years ago, they were in California on vacation (though they’re retired, so it’s permanent vacation) – and all day long I waited for their call. It never came. I was talking to my sister and asked her if she’d spoken to them, and she said they’d chatted earlier. WHAT.THE.HELL. It’s not HER birthday! So we were laughing because we quickly realized they had no clue what day it was – she called them and this was their conversation:

Her: “Hey Dad, did you call your other daughter today?”
Dad: “No, why?”
Her: “What’s today’s date?”
Dad (after a second delay): “Shit.”

I got a call pretty quickly after that, and the first thing they both said was, “SORRY! We didn’t even know what the day was!”


So today, when they hadn’t called, I was in the middle of talking to my sister and asked her the same question – “Have you talked to mom and dad? They haven’t called yet. I bet they forgot again.”

She called them, they called me and swore up and down that they hadn’t forgotten — they just didn’t know when was the best time to call since they thought I’d be busy at work.

These are the same people that call 3 times in a row to see if I’ve talked to some dumb boy (although, admittedly, they don’t call and harass me during the day. They save that specialness for evenings).

Did they forget this time? Probably not… but damn. They could’ve called in the morning!

**UPDATE ON 11/11:  Being Indian, we celebrate two birthdays – the “tharik” (the actual calendar date) and the “tithi” (the ‘date’ according to the Hindu calendar – since it’s a Lunar calendar, the dates don’t always line up with the Gregorian calendar we use. It is a lot of fun to have two birthdays, though – Mom always does something special for both). Today is my “tithi” birthday – guess who called at 9:40am to say Happy Birthday? Yup. My parents… as dad said, “We wanted to call early so you didn’t think we forgot again!!”

They’re freaking hilarious. Love them. 🙂


7 Responses to "Unforgettable….? Not so much. (UPDATED!)"

Happy belated birthday! Your parents are just as hilarious as mine – unintentionally 🙂

Thank you!! They DO crack me up, a lot 🙂

Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award… You are officially awesome!


Miss Z

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