I have so much STUFF

Posted on: November 17, 2012

My bathroom drawers were realllllllly bothering me – the kind of bothering where even when I was watching tv, I would think “Those drawers are a mess. I should clean them.” Not that I got up and did anything, but it has been nagging me for awhile.

So today… a perfectly beautiful Saturday afternoon, I put some laundry in and got to work.


I mean, I know why. Because when I need one for travel, I can’t find the ones I already have because I put nothing back in its place, so I think I don’t have any and I buy a new one. Now I have 4.


Again, I know why. Someone was probably coming over, and I shoved it under the sink thinking I’d grab it later … and forgot. The Mint 3 Musketeers is fabulous, by the way. Just the right amount of mint.  Fuck yeah I ate it.

Third of all…. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT?!?!?!

Not just in my bathroom drawers. Everywhere: Clothes, shoes, accessories (including scarves, gloves, jewelery), purses, tupperware, glasses, silverware, magazines, luggage, bedding, paper towels, hair care products, books, souvenirs.

EVERYTHING. Turns out, I’ve been keeping the American and African economies going ALL BY MYSELF.  I’m the Queen of Clearance sales… but I need to learn that just because something’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to end up in my place. Because, really – I live alone. Do I need 4 full size tubes of toothpaste? Was the sale on 3 for $3.50 Crest REALLY such a good sale when I can’t finish them?? I barely manage to brush my teeth twice a day – it’s not like they’re getting used up. SIGH.

I’m embarrassed by how much I have, annoyed at myself for having it, and mad that I sound like a hoarder.

No more shopping. For anything. Those 2 Kate Spade bags I just bought (on mega-sale, of course)? THE LAST OF THEIR KIND.





6 Responses to "I have so much STUFF"

Ugh, I hear you! I have an endless amount of things and always say that Im not buying anything else. But then I do. And then I feel like a hoarder, too.

I’m sort of glad I’m not alone in this, not that I want others feeling like hoarders too!!! 🙂

I go through my stuff and throw things out for this very reason.

– K.

I sooo feel you, CL! When we moved over here I had to get rid of a lot of stuff — and it was painful, but I was ready to let it go because it was seriously getting me down — well less down and more anxious. BUT on the flip side, all last year I lived with very little (we couldn’t afford anything that wasn’t from a charity shop because we were spending on travel and just living off the crazy expensive pound stirling — fist shake!) AND I found myself feeling a little empty. Maybe that’s a sad statement of my American-ness but it really did surprise me. I’ve still managed to keep the clutter at bay, but a certain about of stuff feels better than I thought it would and feels better than minimal stuff. I am no minimalist — never will be.

I do try the one thing in, one thing out (to a charity shop) rule — and that helps.

Also, I’ve been trying to shop ethically which makes it much harder to just pick things up in high street shops (fist shake again).

p.s. I missed the Kate Spade mega-sale? ARGGH!!! (says the girl with a KS purse sitting right next to here). The struggle continues.

So I was telling my cousin that if things had worked out with British, we would’ve needed to rent two flats – one for us to live in, the other to store my stuff. 😉 Maybe things work out for the best! LOL…. YES, I could not resist the Kate Spade sale. I got both purses for $250 total. Which sounds like a ridiculous amount for 2 purses, but you and I both know what a great deal that is!!!!!

Totally agree with you about not being a minimalist. I never have been, never will be – but I definitely don’t want to go the way of hoarding either. 😉 There needs to be a balance between the two – and really, my big problem is Target: “Ohhh… that tee shirt is only $3.58! I could always use another cheapo shirt!”
But really- can I ?!?!?!!? I have to learn to say no to myself. 🙂

Honestly though – in your position, I’d give up all my cheap goodies to save the money for travel. Your Greece pictures were SOOOO amazing!!!! Knowing that you get that instead of another tee shirt makes not spending on frivolous items so much easier 🙂

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