My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 4

Posted on: November 26, 2012

I spent a very relaxing few days at home for the Thanksgiving holiday. No wedding stress, no houseful of people, no kids running around – just me and my parents. That meant *I* called the shots and Mom made all the food *I* wanted to eat… awwwwwww yeah 🙂 (In case you’re wondering, Mom’s homemade falafels are THE BEST!)

We did some Black Friday shopping (in the afternoon, not when the crazies are out) and I saw this shirt at Kohl’s that I really wanted (let’s ignore my last post):


So I took it over to the checkout line where my dad was standing – and he looks at it and says to me: “What is that!? It’s so short! How can you wear it?!?!  WHERE will you wear it?!!?!”

Me: “Daaaaaaad! It’s not a dress!!! It’s a TOP! I’ll wear it with jeans! I’m not going to wear it alone!!!”

OMG. It was hilarious. Even the guy behind us in line was laughing.  Did he think I was going to wear that with no pants, showing everyone my chaaddies*?!!?   (*chaddies = underwear)

Then, we went and saw Skyfall. It was GREAT! Loved it. Daniel Craig is SOOOO HOT.  So we finish the movie, we’re walking out, and Dad says:

“It was a good movie. But I don’t like this new James Bond. He’s too short. He looks funny when he runs.”

I could not stop laughing AND totally agree! Turns out we’re not the only ones. (Also, I have to just say, I know that Bond’s supposed to have a back story and be broody and moody and all that… but damn. I like the Bonds that only cared about shooting the bad guy and fucking the girl on the yacht. Sean Connery, wherefore art though?!!?)

THEN…because this weekend was all about Dad – we went to his bank where he was having a problem and had to talk to the manager. He lost his cool and started telling her, for approximately 10 minutes, how “the AMERICAN system” is so flawed and how she was lying to him about certain things (which, i totally think she was) and how AMERICAN banks don’t care about their clients anymore.

All of that is true – I completely agree with him. However, at the end of his whole rant, when everyone’s calmed down and we’re about to leave, the manager asks, “So, where are you from?”

And he stands up and says, pretty proudly, “I AM AMERICAN.”

So we leave and he gets in the car and says, “SHE WAS SO RACIST. HOW DARE SHE ASK WHERE I AM FROM!”

Ok, seriously?!?!!  I actually agree that she probably is slightly racist. But for 10 minutes he totally yelled about the “AMERICAN SYSTEM” – what else was she supposed to think except for that fact that maybe he’s not from here?!?!?!?

I didn’t point that out to him, but come on. You can’t complain about something and then be offended when someone assumes you’re not the same thing you were complaining about!!!!

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this blog to “Shit my Indian Dad says.”   🙂





4 Responses to "My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 4"

Your Dad sounds hilarious!

– K.

Oh, he totally is. Even when he doesn’t mean to be!! 🙂

You can start blog #2 and call it that and get a big TV deal in a few years. I would totally watch that!

LOL!! I may just have to do that!!! Millions, here I come! 😉

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