My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 6 (aka, I deserve a medal)

Posted on: November 29, 2012

Last night, I guided my dad through the setup of the new laptop. It took an hour. First, we got on skype on the old computer and I watched them open the box:

Dad: “Ok, do I plug it in?”

Me: “yes”

Dad: “Ok. Do I just accept all the terms and agreements?”

Me: “yes”

Dad: “Ok, it’s asking for network key for the wireless. But I don’t have a network key, I only have a password.”

Me: “It’s the same thing. Just enter the password as the network key.”

Dad: “So I enter the password?”

Me: “Yes. Enter that.”

Dad: “Are you sure? It says password. Not network key. Oh my gooooooooood. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!”

Me: “Dad! Stop freaking out and just enter that.”

Of course it works and he gets his wireless connected… “Now what?”

Me: “You see the big ‘E’?? Click on that.”

Dad: “Left click?”

We get him on the internet (let’s not even discuss firefox or chrome) and we try to download skype. Oy. After we finally figured out his user name/password, we started the download process:

Dad: “Do I save this skype.exe?”

Me: “No, you should hit “run.””

Dad: “There’s no run…”

Me: “Dad – there has to be run. Look in the middle of the options. Are you sure??”

Dad: “NO! THERE IS NO RUN! I’M TELLING YOU.. …. … oh, wait. Here it is.”

Dad: “OH! But now it’s asking if I really want to to change the hardware. It could harm my computer. Should I do it?”

Me: “Yes, do it. Hit “yes””

Dad: “Are you sure? I don’t know what I’m doing. Should I let it change the computer?”

Me: “Yes. Dad. Just hit yes.”

Dad: “Really?”

Me: “YES! DAD! Just hit yes!”

And just like that, the sky’s parted, the light came on, their camera worked and we skyped! They looked a little fuzzy, and I thought that maybe there was plastic over the camera, but it was 10:30pm and I really didn’t want to bother…

Dad: “I can’t hear you!!! Can you hear me!?? Why can’t I hear you?”

Me: “Dad, go to the bottom right. Fix the volume.”

SO… this morning, before all my meetings started, I called home to see how the new computer was going. Ok – one big thing. When it asked for start-up password I was going to tell him to just ignore, but then I thought, that’s going take longer to explain than just putting in a password. We decided on what the password should be, and we even made the password hint JUST the password.

Me (this morning): “How’s the new computer? Did you watch your youtube??”

Dad: “No. I cannot get in. It keeps telling me the user name and password don’t match. Oh, also there’s plastic on the camera. Should we take it off?”

Me (to myself): Fuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk.
Me (to dad): “Yes, take the plastic off.”

This started a 15 minute conversation, from work, on all the different combinations he could try to just log-in:

Me: “Did you try all upper? All lower? Maybe first capital? Or did you put a space at the end, accidentally?”

Dad: “I TRIED EVERYTHING! I told you! I did it all!!!! I am sending this damn computer back. It’s useless. STUPID computer.”

Me: “Dad. You can’t send it back. So stop freaking out.”

Dad: “You know what happened? I think it’s confused. When we downloaded skype and I had to give it my password, I think the computer got confused.”

Me (sighing to myself): “No. Dad. That’s NOT possible. It’s not confused. YOU are confused. ARE YOU SURE about your password?”

And this is where he super freaked the fuck out: “YES! YOU were on the skype! We did it together! Why don’t you remember??? IT THINKS MY SKYPE PASSWORD IS MY COMPUTER PASSWORD. I KNOW THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!”

Me: “DAD! Calm down. Try different combinations of the original. Your computer is not confused. Or try your skype password – even though it’s not going to work.”

Dad: “I’m going to call Toshiba if you can’t help…. Actually, can you call them?”

Me: “No! I’ve got work to do! I can’t call them – YOU call them and see what they say. Maybe there’s a way to bypass it.”

He called me back 10 minutes later, rather sheepishly and laughing: “So…. it was a capital first letter, and lowercase rest. I just got it.”

Ok – now imagine this, repeated, for EVERYTHING: restarting the computer, using the dvd player (which included finding the dvd player to start with and then him INSISTING there was no button to pop it open), how to watch it in windows media player, how to set up the antivirus and every other thing you do with a new computer.

And I was SUPER patient with him, even when I was getting yelled at for not knowing how he ‘cased’ his password, because I know he doesn’t do this everyday. And even when he was saying he hates the new computer and how he doesn’t understand it… I kept quiet and just told him what to do to get past the problem.



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