Ok, Cupid – show me what you got – Part 1

Posted on: December 9, 2012

I joined OkCupid. I had to – I was meeting no one, these dumbasses my parents keep sending my way are completely useless and really, I just wanted a date.

After sifting through all the topless shots (WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? One guy actually had the balls to say he couldn’t show his face because he works in a Fortune 500 company. What, they don’t date there? And maybe if he kept his clothes on, he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out!) and the random sex requests (one guy led his email with “Wanna make out?” and another asked if I wanted to get together for “oily nekkedness.” The answer to both is no.) I found a guy who was cute, smart and literate.

“R” is funny as well. His emails made me laugh, and we graduated to text after that. They still made me laugh. We finally got a time that worked for both of us and this past Friday night, we went on our first date.

I texted him to let him know I was on my way and he texted to say “Hiding.” Ha. Definitely made me giggle. He was sitting at the bar, not hiding very well, and we proceeded to have a 4 hour date. He’s funny, chatty, smart and really nice.

We get up to leave and I, in my 2 inch heels, am approximately 2 inches taller than him.


Guys. I know a lot of people will say this isn’t an issue, and height’s something to overlook. Just for backstory, my first love was 6’5″. British was 6′. I’ve screwed around with guys of all heights in between. And by in between I mean “taller than me” to “REALLY taller than me.”


I can’t do that to my potential future children! They have to have a fighting shot at at least being AVERAGE height!

But… I got nothing else going on so I’ll see him again for a second date. What the fuck, right? Maybe the more we hang out, the less I’ll see him as eye-level (ha ha). And, as my shorter-than-average guy friend always says, “We’re all the same height laying down.”  Which is so not true – but that’s a whole different post. 😉

short people




16 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – show me what you got – Part 1"

Nearly a year ago, I signed up for after a friend pushed me to do it. There were some weirdos and guys misrepresenting themselves, also a lot of guys way older than me trying to communicate. It can be frustrating. However, the upside is I met my current boyfriend almost right away on Match and 2012 has been a fantastic year. Best of luck to you!

Thank you so much!!! I’ve tried them all, but I keep trying with the hope that something will change 😉

Arse, arse, arse. It started off so well – I was hooked at the “hiding” line 😉
I’m around the same height as you and go for guys who aren’t vertically challenged too (5’10 is my very very very very -at a push- minimum). This’ll be a tough one – looks like you drew the short straw….

I know!!! He seems like a really great guy otherwise, so I’ll try again. I’m hoping there will be something other than his height to put me off, just do I don’t look SO superficial 😉 My “minimum” is that you have to be at least the same height as me in my tallest heels – so at least 5’7″. I prefer 6′, but let’s face it. Beggars can’t be choosers! 😉

I am 5’2.75. Cath and I are always adamant about adding the .75 and sometimes just round up — I wear heels most of the time so it just makes sense, right? It’s hard to be a petite person in these tall times (I love reading history books and finding out most famous people I admire are around the 5′ and 5’5 mark), but I always thought it must be much, much harder to be a petite dude. R sounds like a near-perfect first date, and I hope he continues to dazzle so much that seeing eye-to-eye (literally) doesn’t put you off!

As I said to another commenter above, I hope I find something else so that I’m not SO superficial!!! But… it does bother me. There’s gotta be a spark, right? Maybe it’ll come and I’ll be able to overlook (HA HA) everything else. 😉

Glad to hear that you signed up for OKC. That’s where I met my current boyfriend. I totally get your angst about dating short guys.

– K.

Ohhh… maybe something will come of it then! 🙂 I have hope. Let’s see how long it lasts!

i’ve seen that a lot too! i’ve noticed that men are usually about 1-2 inches shorter than that their profile says lol. just out of curiosity….what did he list as his height on his profile??

He listed 5’5″!!! SO NOT TRUE!!!!!

hahahah….why must people lie about something that’s so OBVIOUS when you meet? LOL. i don’t get it.

I KNOW! Do they think we don’t know how tall we are either?!!?!? Like we can’t gauge anything!

After all the worrying about short men I’ve recently come across in the blogosphere, I’m glad I’m over 6 foot tall.

Over 6′ tall is a seriously wonderful thing. 😉

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