Adventures in Personal Training – Part 1

Posted on: December 11, 2012

So I had my first real training sessions with my guy.  We go over the basics (height, age, weight) and just like last time, there’s disbelief in his voice every single time I give him an answer:

Him: “How old are you?”

Me (whispering): “35”

Him (loudly): “35?! REALLY?”

Yes dumbass. We went over this a week ago.

Him: “How tall are you?”

Me: “5’2″”

Him: “Really?!”

Me to myself: WTF?

Him: “How much do you weigh?”

Me (super softly): “120”

Him (super loudly): “Really?!!? 120?? Wow.”

Me: “Ok, are you going to believe ANYTHING I tell you?”

Him (laughing): “Well, I believe you’re a girl.”

That made me giggle too, because let’s face it, he’s staring right down my workout top most of the time.

SO THEN… we do the body fat measure. I have to hold out this stupid machine right in front of me, he input my height/weight/age and it gave a reading.


I looked around to see if anyone was listening. HOW EMBARRASSING! Of course, everyone is just working out with their iPods in and not paying any attention to what’s going on… and I’m sure his loudness was just me hearing things…but still!

So we sit down and he goes on to tell me I probably want to get to 26-27%. I basically looked at him like he had 2 heads because 1) I don’t think I’m 31% body fat to start with and 2) if I am, HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO 26%??? Does he see the size of my freaking boobs? WHERE DOES HE THINK THAT FAT IS COMING FROM?!!?!?  (I mean, besides my muffin top.)

It was a good workout (even if he did make me do jumping jacks – as my friend said, just so he could watch) and I’m scheduled for another session tomorrow. AND tomorrow, we’re taking measurements. I’m sure we’ll do it in the middle of the gym, loudest voice possible, with the numbers beamed up in bright neon for everyone to read. Sheesh!  Good thing he’s cute and I day-dream about fucking him… SOOOO cliche, but fun 😉









3 Responses to "Adventures in Personal Training – Part 1"

That machine is off unless you have the bone structure of a barbie doll! Geeze! I’m 5’1″ and used to weigh 145(with large bone structure). I was like 29%. My doc said it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds(10, 15 tops he said), but he wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Your trainer sounds an “awww. shut up and just let me look at you” way.

That is EXACTLY the way he is. LOL. 🙂 And I still totally blame my boobs for the high body fat. 😉

That MAY have been what my Doc was sort of silently suggesting over here too. lol. I’m musta had about 15 pounds of boob alone at that age….I promise it’s increased. (I have to order my bras off the internet to get the right cup size. It’s sad.)

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