Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 4

Posted on: December 21, 2012

Shorty totally has a texting problem. I wonder if he’s just sending out mass texts and hoping someone responds and somehow I ended up on his list of recipients?

Yesterday, I got a super long explanation on how someone left work before they approved his ongoing iPod purchase and so he’d have to just go buy it and expense it.

Do I hear you not caring? Because that was my fucking reaction. Did he forget I don’t work with him? That I don’t automatically know what he’s talking about? THAT I DO NOT CARE?!!? I would assume my non-responses to his random texts would indicate my lack of interest. But no… because they keep on coming.

Today, I got this at 10am:

“Good Morning! The dentist is going to town in my mouth. Good times!!”


Also… was he texting FROM the actual dentist’s chair?!!? Which is what I texted back and asked him, because even *I* cannot let some things go.

His response:

“In the gap between the cleaner leaving and the dentist showing up.”

As my friend pointed out, I’m just filler. Also… WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THIS?!!?!? Good grief.

I didn’t text back, because there’s nothing to say. SO THEN!!! About an hour ago, I got this text:

“Smashing day! Got thrown under the bus at work for an hour in front of an oblivious VP.  Spent the evening at the hospital. Had skittles for dinner and just getting home now. I’m exhausted.”

Jesus. I’m exhausted just reading it. I was totally not going to respond but my friend said it would be rude since we couldn’t figure out if he was the one in the hospital or not. I’m guessing not, because I am SURE I would’ve gotten multiple texts about the nurses and what they were doing to him.

But she said I had to text him so here’s what I sent:

“Sounds like your day sucked. Hope you weren’t the one in the hospital…”



7 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 4"

Skittles for dinner after the dentist??? Douche.

LOL! I didn’t even think of that! Guess he didn’t have any cavities. 😉

I think this guy needs a Twitter account. His texts would be much more appropriate there…and not on your phone. He doesn’t even ask how you are doing!!

LOL! Maybe this IS his twitter account and in his infinite IT wisdom, somehow managed to make his tweets come to my phone?!?! I didn’t even think that he never asks how I am – but I assume that’s also because I barely respond!!!

That would be too funny if he just set up tweets to be texted to everyone! I say if he is texting on your phone he better want to know how your day is too! 😉

Terrible texts. Please tell him to stop.

– K.

If I told him to stop, I’d have nothing to write about. And you’d be bored 😉

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