Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 5

Posted on: December 22, 2012

So as we last ended, somebody was in the hospital.  And as I said, I did text to wish Shorty well, especially since we were supposed to have a date tonight.

This is the text I got this morning:

“It wasn’t me. My family called at lunchtime to tell me my mom was taken to the ER in the ambulance for chest pains and low blood pressure.”

Of course I can’t ignore that, because I’m not a complete bitch, so I texted back:

“Oh no! Hope she’s doing better now? Clearly we should postpone meeting up so you can be with the family. Hope she’s out of the hospital?”

His response?

“She’s far from out of the woods, but coherent and responsive. They admitted her but there are more tests today. Silver lining is my family’s coming in.”

What. The. Fuck. Seriously… WHY DIDN’T HE JUST SAY HIS MOM WAS IN THE HOSPITAL YESTERDAY AND THAT WE CANT GO OUT TONIGHT?!?!?!?!  Nope, he had to tell me how he had skittles for dinner, and how he got yelled at by his boss, and how he went to the hospital to visit someone… yet doesn’t bother to tell me that he needs to cancel our date and that IT IS HIS MOM WHO IS IN THE HOSPITAL!?!?!

For someone who loves to text incredibly stupid details of the day, he sure leaves out the big ones. What a fucking moron.

The last text I got from him today?

“I saw a sign in the hospital lobby for an Alzheimer’s support group. Do you suppose anyone remembers to show up?”

Fucking hell. I’m in a text relationship with Henny Youngman.







4 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 5"

He sounds fabulous. Keep the one liners coming.

You should maybe start sending him random texts about your work, day etc – a taste of his own medicine?

That’s what my friends said!!!! This was their example, which made me bust out laughing: “I really like cheese. Purple shoelaces are weird. Family good?”

i definitely think you should give him a taste of his own medicine!

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