Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 7

Posted on: January 2, 2013

Shorty and I were supposed to meet up the Friday night before New Years. I cancelled on him because I wasn’t feeling well and I just didn’t want to sit through a date with him. We rescheduled for Sunday.

Sunday comes and goes and I hear nothing from him. Monday night, after midnight, I get a “Happy New Year” text from him – I am sure he sent that to a thousand people, but I sent him back some well wishes: “Happy New Year to you too! What happened to Sunday? ;)”

I may have been massively drunk when I texted this.

He writes back – “Never heard from you. Assumed you weren’t up for it.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! I GET DAILY TEXTS ABOUT: his sister farting; his boss yelling at him; his fucked up dinner of skittles; his stupid job; his dentist ‘going to town in his mouth’.



Anyway, I texted him back: “Oh! Well, since I didn’t hear from you, I figured you weren’t interested.”

Him: “So… just mixed signals?”

I never wrote back to that so I guess the signals aren’t so mixed anymore.





16 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 7"

sounds like you sent a clear message

Who knows? I should’ve probably had the balls to actually text back and let him know I was no longer interested, but I took the easy way out!

he may not “get it.” some guys need to be told “i’m no longer interested.” then, maybe he can text someone else that something “interesting” happened to him. LOL

good luck

He is passive aggressive and plays games. I’m glad you didn’t text back.

– K.

Passive aggressive is SUCH a good description! And attention whore. 😉

I agree with both commenters. Good riddance, I say!

Oh, I’ll miss reading about him!

Hahaha! If I have remained on his text/email blasts, I promise I’ll tell you what they say 🙂

I’m going to miss reading about him as well!! Such a character.

He may still come back around… who knows… hopefully not. 😉

I’ll be reading your blog regardless! 🙂

You’re hillarious 🙂

Your blog posts are sooo funny…
Shorty’s stories are hilarious but I guess you had to let him go.

Thank you!!! Yeah… no texts since then, so I guess I’m off his email/text blast list as well 😉

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