My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 8 (UPDATED!)

Posted on: January 8, 2013

Dad called and needed computer help… again.

Dad: “So I went to your cousin’s house last night and he gave us your brother’s wedding pictures from his camera. He put them on the computer.”

Me: “Ok….”

Dad: “Now I can’t find them.”

Me: “{sigh} Ok… Well didn’t he tell you where he put them?”

Dad: “No, and I didn’t ask. I tried to find them on google by searching your brother’s name. But that got me to someone else’s wedding pictures!!! Then I got scared that I was looking at them so I just shut it all down.”

Me (totally laughing): “DADDY!!! He didn’t put the pictures ONLINE, he put them on YOUR HARD DRIVE. Are you sure they’re not on your desktop???”

Dad: “…. What’s the desktop??? I told you I went on the google!! ”

Me (totally laughing harder): “Ok. Dad…. do you have anything open like internet? You have to close everything…. Ok, you did that? Now if there’s nothing open, that’s your desktop. Do you see any folder that says “Wedding” or something?”

Dad: “No. There’s just three Norton Anti Virus folders.”

Me: “Why three? Ok, nevermind. Can you please hit your start button? Ok – Now hit your My Computer…. You see anything? How about a folder named “Pictures”… you see that? Yes. Open it. Yes, open it… No, not single click. Double Click.”

And voila!

Dad: “Ah! I see them!!! BUT WHY DID HE PUT THEM THERE??? He should’ve put them somewhere else. Also, you should google that guy and look at his pictures.”

Omg. THEY ARE IN THE PICTURES FOLDER!!!! But I didn’t yell at him – at this point I was laughing SO hard and so was he.

There are so many questions… but the only important one is really, why didn’t he just call my cousin and ask him where he put the pictures??

But you know what? I’m glad he didn’t call him. I love that he calls me for all his computer help needs. It’s our ‘thing’ 🙂

UPDATE!: My friend actually did google my brother’s FULL name and added ‘wedding’ to the search, and the first thing to pop up were pictures some random guy took during the wedding. Yet… Dad didn’t find them when he actually searched ‘The Google’  – hahahahaha!!!! 🙂


5 Responses to "My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 8 (UPDATED!)"

Haha! I’m still baffled by the 3 folders… They must be shortcuts, I guess…. I love these pists, they crack me up. 🙂

Thanks!! It’s all my dad. I just write down exactly what he says 😉 I LOVE that he tried to google for pictures on his hard drive. LOVE. 🙂

Argh, posts not pists. That’s why I shouldn’t reply from my phone… And why I should proofread….

I understood without the correction 🙂 But thanks for reading on your phone and liking it enough to try and post (or pist)!!

🙂 I love that he googled your brother’s name. For a computer novice it’s perfect logic!

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