I make less money than the boys

Posted on: January 16, 2013

I have always known this. A few years ago, I had to FIGHT for a raise when I got a promotion. I was actually told by my manager at the time (who was a woman) that “a promotion doesn’t necessarily come with a pay increase.” Then… why am I taking on extra work? Because I’m a sucker?

I negotiated myself +2%.  And the promotion I took? Into management. I took on a team of 7, plus hiring responsibilities plus added meetings plus current daily duties (all of this without any training, of course). AND I GOT 2% AND SAID “THANK YOU” LIKE A FUCKING MORON.

As I was being moved into management, I had a friend who was being hired to come aboard. We were chatting one day and he told me what their salary offer was and what he ended up with… it was equivalent to mine. And I was his boss. So basically, he was making the same pay as me for half the work.

Fast forward to today. I left the old position about 1.5 years ago because I was ready for something new and moved into the job I currently hate. But it was more money and less responsibility and international travel, so I took it. Moving into a new company always offers more negotiation room than staying in the same one, so I managed to get myself +8%. Not bad… I was happy with it…

Until today. I accidentally found out* that someone I USED TO MANAGE took a VERY similar job with the same company I’m at and is making approximately $6,000 more than I am. That’s without the management experience, without the same work ethic, without the same quality of work and … without being a girl.

There are some differences between us (he works in a different division than me and has his medical degree (from another country, he never practiced in the States)), but, work-wise, in our field, I AM THE BETTER EMPLOYEE. I have more experience, I have better references and I KNOW MY SHIT. And to brag about it, I’m in really high demand for what I do. Also, I don’t think he got a 20% salary increase with the new job, which means he was probably already making more than me WHEN I WAS HIS FUCKING BOSS.

So why am I not being paid an equivalent salary??!?!?!?!?!?



It’s not fair and I’m fucking livid.


*How I accidentally found out (this is pretty funny, actually):  This afternoon, I got a voicemail from some HR guy telling me about a possible new position at a different company and asking me to call back. He thought he had properly hung up the phone, but hadn’t (HUGE fear of mine!!!!), so I heard the rest of his conversation with his coworker: “Yeah… he makes $XX,xxx… (some mumbling) really like her… she sounds American…exactly what we want in management…. voicemail was short and good. She’s what we’re looking for…

HAHAHAHAH. I sound AMERICAN. I guess that could be racist, but I just think it’s super funny. And I’m sort of flattered I sound good on my outgoing voice message, because I think I sound like I’m six years old! As my friend, F, said maybe they think I’m “a small American child who is a super genius!”  😉

Not sure where it's from originally, but I got it at:

Not sure where it’s from originally, but I got it at:


7 Responses to "I make less money than the boys"

That’s the worst – knowing that we’re the biggest bang for the buck because we do the job well, and get even more work from the bosses than our colleagues because the head honchos know we’re more likely to do it faster and better 😦 I feel ya, sister!

Seriously! Especially cause we’re Asian women (totally being stereotypical now, but it’s true) – we’ll do the work right, efficiently, still get paid less and won’t complain!! ARGH!

That is such a true point and something I harped on about to one of my Directors after I’d been to some Equality/Management conference. Black women are seen as strong, fierce and powerful whereas Asian women are seen as being submissive and gentle – a pushover. The same carries over into work.
I always let my new employers know that as much as I love my job and field of work, I work for the money and that is the key to motivating/rewarding me. It’s worked so far 🙂

Pushover is exactly true. It’s so annoying!!!!! I’ve set up a meeting with my manager so let’s see what happens…

I’m absolutely dumbfounded. How is that even legal??? Actually, better question…is it legal??? Would you mind if I quote you in my blog?

Not at all – please go ahead and quote away! 🙂 I guess it’s legal because of the intricacies involved in degrees, duties, etc. There’s a way to make everything legal. 😉

I know that all too well. Thank you much, and I’m sorry you have to deal with that craziness.

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