Arranging Marriages – Part 24 (aka, Emails between older Indian men)

Posted on: January 27, 2013

So… after my dad decided that the stupid boy was gay SOLELY based on his family vacation to Brazil (because, as we know, that’s the number one way to figure out if a guy isn’t into girls – did he go to Brazil with his family? If yes… GAY.), he emailed our go-between matchmaker.

Dad’s email:

this is just betwwen you and me, can you talk straight to [stupid boy] and find out what he wants to do?

   i just talked to CurryLove and she says she send him her bio & pic. before they went to brazil and he has not directly comunicatted  with CurryLove,except thru  his mother. so talk to him and if you need to you can delete this e-mail, bye
Ok… my favorite part of that is where he instructs that the email can be deleted. Guys… we’re in Mission Impossible shit at this point.
The matchmaker, also a family friend, responds back:
Truly speaking me talking to [stupid boy] won’t do any good.The reason his mom is trying to control the matter & he is not responding. My best suggetion is that now we have done enough from our side.
Seat back & relax.
If they are truly intrested let them come forward.Let us not try to show them we are desparate.
I know she has some bossy attitude.
HAHAHAHAHA. She has “bossy attitude”!!!! WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT THIS GUY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!!?!?!?!?!
I had the giggles when I read these, and honestly, they’re just so cute. I can actually picture both of them sitting at their computers,  hen-pecking the keyboard, and sending out these emails they wish would just self destruct upon reading.
Adorable 🙂

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