Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 10 (aka, I got played)

Posted on: January 27, 2013

So, per our last date, me and “the bod” (as a friend calls him) had slept together. He had told me how surprised he was at how much he liked me, how he thought I was so pretty, how he couldn’t wait to hang out again and how we’d meet up soon.

Spoiler alert: It’s all bullshit.

We texted back and forth a bit for at the beginning of the week, but he never proposed getting together, so I didn’t either. Last night, I decided to be bold and just ask if he wanted to get drinks today – he responded immediately to say yes, and that he was going to be hiking but would keep me posted on what time he thought he’d be back in town. Great, right?

He called just now, at 3pm and said he was literally just heading out to go hiking. So I asked if he was saying he wanted to meet up later tonight or just postpone?

Him: “Well, I’ll be back late and I’m leaving Tuesday for a work trip and still need to do laundry and pack and I’m just trying to figure out when I can do all that. Especially since I have to play dodgeball tomorrow. Maybe I should cancel that… ”

Me: “That’s fine. We can try to meet up after you get back. Bye.”


Secondly, obviously the hiking and the laundry and the dodgeball are all more important than hanging out with me AND the (100%) possibility of having sex again.

Thirdly, this brings up those feelings of not being good enough for British all over again. So now I’ll try to figure out why he didn’t want to see me – was the sex not good? Was I not pretty enough? Smart enough? Did I say or do something wrong? Why would he rather go hiking than see me? Why would he rather play dodgeball than see me?

My friend, T, thinks I avoided a bullet – that he’s clearly got issues, as demonstrated by his ‘jerky behavior.’   I think I just got played by someone who knew all the right things to say.

I deleted his number. And, I hope a fucking bear eats him.





8 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 10 (aka, I got played)"

oh geez. Some guys are such assholes. At least it ended now before more feelings got involved. Right? (My attempt to be a little optimistic)

No – totally true! Better it ended now before I actually liked him. I think I’m more upset about never seeing that body again 😉 It hurts, of course, to think that someone doesn’t want you, but oh well. Back to the drawing board.

*fingers crossed* for you!

Oh, jerks. I’m glad you deleted that number. He was giving all sorts of excuses. If he really enjoyed spending time with you (not just having sex in particular), he wouldn’t have came up with the whole laundry excuse, which is extremely common.

Exactly! I should’ve waited longer to sleep with him, but I think the eventual outcome of disinterest would’ve been the same. Argh. (Thanks for reading!)

Guys who make other plans are the guys I like the most… It shows me they’re not going to be needy/clingy and all up in my space. But perhaps that’s also because I’m usually the disinterested one, making excuses and other plans. :S Now I kind of feel like a jerk.

No, I totally agree actually – I just get annoyed when the break plans that are already made. If we have no plans, I don’t give a crap what he’s doing! BUT… if we make plans and then he decides to do something else, I’m plenty annoyed. I should’ve made him leave that night 😉

The dodgeball thing… that’s probably when I would have called things off. haha grownups really play dodgeball?

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