Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 13 (aka, I’m a guy basically, part 2)

Posted on: February 20, 2013

So, I had my date with “The Bod” last Friday night.  We went to dinner and then came back to my place and had sex all night. Awesome. That’s my idea of a fantastic date. He left Saturday morning, because he had a kickball tournament. Because, of course he did. And he’s captain of his team. Because, of course he is. And he put on a BEANIE HAT before he left. Because, OF COURSE HE DID.

Seriously, at that point, awesome sex not withstanding, I almost kicked him out my place. WHO WEARS THAT SHIT?

Anyway, I have out of town plans for this coming weekend, so if we didn’t meet up this week,  we wouldn’t have seen each other for over 2 weeks –  so we decided to hang out tonight. We went to dinner, got drinks at a bar, and he took me back to my car (uh, yeah – strike 1 – why aren’t you picking my ass up for a date??? Why am I driving at all?? NOT IMPRESSED.). We made out for a bit, and then I asked (in my slightly possibly drunken state) if he was coming over.

Him: “No, I want to get to bed early.”

Me: “ummmmm… whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I don’t understand what you’re saying. You’d rather sleep than fuck me?”

Him: “Well, not always, but tonight yes. And I didn’t bring condoms.”



I am MORE than annoyed. And again, it brings out all my insecurities on WHY. What BOY wants to sleep instead of have sex? WHO IS THAT RESPONSIBLE?! HOW COME I AM MORE OF A MAN THAN HE IS?

Seriously. SO ANNOYED.

But also, kind of impressed. As I told him (and he laughed at), I don’t hear no often. So when I do… it’s a challenge for me. So now, we made plans to hang out two Sundays from now (he wanted to hang out earlier, but he’s got this stupid race where you have to carry bricks and logs and shit around, because OF COURSE HE DOES, and there was no way in fucking hell I was going to be the reason he doesn’t do well in that) – he can text me. He can chase me.

Oh… and… I did a little cyberstalking and found his ex-wife. All I can say is, I am a MASSIVE upgrade from what he had. Majorly so. And, like I told him tonight, I don’t beg (even though I totally did: “PLLLLEAAAAAAAASEE COME OVER!”) – so… it’s his turn to act like a guy, not mine. Chase me. Want me. Come see me.

It’s on.



4 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 13 (aka, I’m a guy basically, part 2)"

Hahaha. Hilarious post. Troy wears a beanie when he hasn’t washed his hair…for days!

LOL. So no lie, as I was writing that, I actually thought of you guys (weird how the blogging world infiltrates your brain!) 🙂 It’s fine on OTHER people… but not the ones I just slept with 😉

Better than a guy wearing a beanie with ear flaps …ugh!

OMG. I KNOW. Beanies on grown men. WHY IS THIS A TREND??? sigh.

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