Posted on: March 30, 2013

I hadn’t talked to The Bod in awhile, so last weekend, I sucked it up and texted him to see how his kickball tournament went:

He responded:

“Not as well as we’d hoped and now I have to referee today. How are you?”


“Not bad. Was gonna see if you wanted to grab drinks tonight, but looks like you’re busy.”


“Yeah, I wish I could!”


“Well, I’ve missed hanging out with you, so if you’re still up for meeting we can do something later.”


“Yeah, let me call you. I’m about to referee.”


Anyway he did call, waaaaay later that night and we had a fun chat for about 45 minutes. He said he was going out of town so we talked about meeting up this weekend after he got back. I told him that I meant what I said about missing hanging out  with him and he said he had too, and that he’d call me when he got back to make plans.

He’s back. And my phone’s not rung once.

Last night, I got drunk and finally had the balls to delete his number out of my phone. Let’s be honest, if he calls, I’ll still answer and go out with him, but at least I’m not the one calling anymore.

Today, I deleted out all the rest of the boys that I’ve talked to over the past 3 years (some I met online, some at the bar, some at parties, some via friends): 32 phone numbers.

That’s basically one new guy per month for 3 years. No wonder I’m fucking cranky all the time.

That’s countless dinners  and drinks and laughing and sometimes pretend laughing at stupid jokes and sharing the same stories in the hopes that things will work with JUST ONE FUCKING PERSON.

And then, because my life revolves around finding this one fucking person, my parents made me get on this Indian dating website. I think because I don’t talk to them about my dating life, they think I don’t do anything. I’ve literally had a profile up on another Indian dating site for 9 years. I should pull it down but I can’t even be bothered. I wonder if I’ll get a prize for being on there the longest of anyone, ever.

But anyway, they told me to put a profile up on this other site and I told them that my friend told me it wasn’t very good in terms of having guys from the States. They’re mostly FOB (fresh off the boat) or still in the home country.

And Dad got irritated (in a funny way) and says:

Hey – you just need one. So we have to keep trying. Maybe it’s one of ten, or one out of a hundred or one out of a million. But you just need one.

Trust me. I *know* this is a numbers game. I KNOW.








1 Response to "Deletions"

I don’t have any advice because (and I am fully aware of how annoying and sappy this is) I found my guy pretty easy. I wish you a whole bunch of luck though.

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