Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 16 (aka, Cancellations)

Posted on: April 4, 2013

As I’d mentioned in the last post, I had a date set up for tomorrow night from OkCupid right before I shut my profile down. But given the date was planned last week, I had a feeling it’d be cancelled (which was, honestly, fine with me).

Sure enough, I get the following text this morning:

“Hey! I need to cancel our date tomorrow, sorry about the late notice. Good luck with your search.”

Um… thanks? So I guess we’re not rescheduling… ever? Like he’s busy from now until the end of time? What the fuck is he doing? Getting married?

So I just texted back:

“No worries. I was kind of hoping we’d cancel. Take care!”

He gets points for not falling off the face of the planet, points deducted for being busy for the rest of eternity.

Jesus Christ you guys. Fuck. My. Life.



2 Responses to "Ok, Cupid – Show me what you got – Part 16 (aka, Cancellations)"

Love the ecard! Crazy how they sum up every situation so accurately 🙂

I KNOW! just another reminder that we’re not the first/only ones to feel that way 😉

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