Ice Cream and Romance (It’s a metaphor)

Posted on: April 10, 2013

I was chatting with a girlfriend today and we were discussing this past week’s Mindy Project and how we want a boyfriend like Danny – a little neurotic, but cute, sweet, funny and sweaty – in a manly way. Also, being a doctor is a big plus.

So there was a point in the episode (spoiler alert) where they were flying, hit some turbulence and Mindy grabbed his hand. Turbulence was over, but he grabbed her hand back.

I may have sighed, loudly, watching this by myself.

When I was dating my first boyfriend, we would often hang out at my place. I always made sure to have some meat-y things around for him to eat, since I wanted him to be comfortable. I remember vividly telling him to go heat up a pepperoni pizza one night, and he asked, in a really surprised tone: “Did you buy this for me?” knowing full well I didn’t eat red-meat/pork products. And I told him the truth – yes, of course I did, because I thought about him ALL the time.

Why wouldn’t I be thoughtful? Right? I think it’s a girl thing to do that kind of stuff, but maybe that’s just because I date the wrong guys.

Anyway, on my second date with “The  Bod,” we were discussing desserts and he mentioned he loves caramel. So, again, I made sure I picked up some caramel infused ice cream the next time I went shopping.

When we were hanging out at my place the following weekend, I offered him his ice cream, and in the same tone I’d heard so many years ago, he asked, “Did you buy this for me?”

Ummm… yes, Dipshit. I don’t like caramel, we discussed this. Why would I randomly have it lying around?

Anyway, he never finished it before disappearing into the abyss and I threw it out today.

So as my friend and I are discussing Mindy and Danny and I’m telling her how I pitched this stupid ice cream, she says, “We just have to find our “Danny” 🙂 And he will buy us ice cream – not the reverse 🙂 .”

It’s so true, and I’ve had that – because my most favorite gift from a boy, in my whole life (I don’t know if this is sad or sweet), was a cup of ice cream from my first boyfriend. So basically, I should’ve just kept what I had so many years ago, and I would’ve been set, right?

Another friend recently asked if I felt like he was the one that got away, and no – I definitely don’t think that. We would’ve never made it past the first couple of years of marriage because we were too young. Life would’ve got in the way.

But damn. How is it so fucking hard to find just one other guy who wants to buy me ice cream?



{I did read somewhere that in this case, she’d already had her own …. but I bet he shares from now on, regardless }








2 Responses to "Ice Cream and Romance (It’s a metaphor)"

Oh my goodness, that clip is kind of hilarious! I do the same all the time – currently make awful pistachio jell-o just because the bf likes it. I do think there’s some thoughtful guys who would reciprocate, though, if not with ice cream then in their own way 🙂

I would take anything…. jewelry, shoes, a kiss. ANYTHING. 😉 The video cracked me up the first time I saw it! Actually, it still does. 🙂

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