My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 9

Posted on: April 12, 2013

Ok, my Dad is so cute. I know that’s in the title, but I cannot reiterate it enough.

It’s his birthday today, so I called to say happy birthday this morning and he goes, as usual, “Where are you??” and I said, “At work, Daddy. Where else would I be?”

He says, ‘Oh, I thought maybe you took the day off since it’s my birthday. Tell your work you’re coming home.”

I got the giggles and THEN he asks, “So, how do you reply on facebook? Every time I try, I just ‘like’ something.”


He turned another year older and he’s facebooking and skyping and as young as ever. Love it. 🙂






4 Responses to "My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 9"

Haha I can totally relate to this! Only after a few “lessons” – I’ve come to realise my father’s facebook life is actually more active than my own!

I know, right??!?!!? I love it – he gets so frustrated trying to respond but really tries 🙂

I wish my mother could figure out Facebook. She always wants to see pictures if what I’ve been up to. I tell her their on on my Facebook page, but she can never figure out how to see them.

My sister set up my dad’s page – the funny thing is I’m not even on facebook! (I mean, I have a page but don’t use it) – so he’s WAY more advanced than I am!!!! 🙂

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