Adventures in Personal Training – Part 9 (aka, Who didn’t see this coming, part 2)

Posted on: May 1, 2013

I love my trainer but he is dumb as fuck. At least when it comes to relationships.

For an update: wedding’s off, officially.

They were supposed to go to Vegas for his birthday… that’s not happening either. She got ‘called into a work conference.’  Um… I just let it go, but how can he believe this shit? So he’s going to Vegas by himself.

So then, he tells me she’s moving out, because her dad said she had to concentrate on school and move onto campus.

Me, very confused: “I thought she was graduating?”

Him: “uh… no.”


Him: “You know, she just had so much stress planning this wedding…”

Holy hell dude. Again. When you set the wedding date, did she not think of what she was doing in the time leading up to said date?

We did chat about other stuff, my whole work out session isn’t therapy hour, thank god.

And at some point, he said to me, “Get me a job where you work so we can travel together.”

Me: “Ha. Sure, I’ll call in all my favors and see if you can by my personal trainer while we travel the world.”

He laughed and says: “Yeah, so it’s not happening, but come on, we’d have so much fun together. You know it’d be a good time.”

Oh… he doesn’t even know. I would *break* him…. in the best possible way. 🙂





2 Responses to "Adventures in Personal Training – Part 9 (aka, Who didn’t see this coming, part 2)"

Is it cruel that I don’t feel that bad for him? I mean, why propose to a 24 year old you think could possibly be cheating on you? I think you could definitely help cheer him up!

nope, not cruel at all!!!! And I’m hoping to get a chance to cheer him up for sure 😉

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