Arranged Marriages – Part 27 (aka, We’ve got a plan!)

Posted on: May 14, 2013

I was chatting with the parental units on my way home from the gym tonight, and we were all in a good mood.  As I’ve noted before, they like to get on both cordless phones in the house and speak at the same time. Then they argue with each other about minute details that I don’t care about and then get back to me when I yell and remind them I’m still on the line.

Mom asked about the convention this weekend, I filled her in about the hotel where it’s being held and she was like, “Make sure you go on Friday night!!” (I had told her I may not be in the mood after work.)   I filled them in on the “Fiesta” theme and they were both laughing at that as well.

SO THEN! My mom says (and I’m pretty sure she was only half joking):

“Go early and hang out at the hotel, see who’s there. Make sure you’re the first girl they see before they find another one!”

Me and Dad both start laughing and I said:

“Mom, why don’t I just hang out in the parking lot? Get them before they even check in?”

And she goes,

“No. Nobody wants a girl from the parking lot.”


SO THEN! They tell me this story about some girl we know, who’s Indian, and eloped with some Panamanian guy. And MY DAD SAYS:

“Why don’t you learn something from her? Run away and get married! Just tell us you did it after it’s done!”

I have massive giggles by this point and point out:

“Dad, we have a plan. I’m gonna hang out in the parking lot, find the first boy I see and I’m sure a priest will be there, so we’ll get married immediately.”

And Mom chimes in:

“No! I TOLD YOU! GO INSIDE! Go to the lobby or ride the elevator!!! Find a nice boy!”

So there you go, guys. By Sunday, I will be Mrs. Currylove. Count on it. And it will all be because I hung out in the lobby of a hotel… Like a prostitute.






2 Responses to "Arranged Marriages – Part 27 (aka, We’ve got a plan!)"

LOL your parents are awesome. I told my mom that one of my friends gave her bf and ultimatum to propose… she replied, “Oh, maybe you should do that?” I was dating my bf for only five months at the time… um… thanks, mom. But seriously, if you do hang at the lobby, be sure to sing on top of a piano like in the movies. j/k

HAHA. If I told my parents I was dating someone for 5 months, they’d be looking for a ring too 😉 Also, the comment about singing on the piano made me ACTUALLY laugh out loud! I may just try it… 😉 If you watch the Mindy Project, did you see the episode where she kept getting on the piano and then sliding off? It was hilarious.

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