Why is it always the ones you don’t like?

Posted on: May 31, 2013

So every day my mom asks if I’m talking to anyone from the convention: “Beta, you have to show interest. Even if they don’t text-mext or call, you have to do it.”

Um… ok. Fine. I know where she’s coming from but having her ask every day makes me want to scream.

So there’s this one guy who is kind of cute and he texts but they’re useless. The first one he sent was, “Hey Cutie. What u up to this weekend?”

First of all, why use “u” for “you” but then spell out weekend? What the fuck? I hate “u.” It’s so annoying.

Secondly…. I hate “cutie.” Ugh. I’m not 6.

But, I do think he’s attractive and at least worth chatting with…hopefully it’s gets a little further than the bullshit we have going on right now.

And then, there’s the guy that likes me. Like… LIKES me likes me. All from two 15-minute sessions. Truth be told, he’s really nice and smart and on paper everything I should/would want. But there is ZERO attraction from my side. As in, if we ever got married, our babies would probably be half-white and definitely not his.

He asked if he could visit me during his vacation to see where “this” goes — I managed to sidestep that question by acting like a guy and purely avoiding it.

And he sends me texts like this (he’s in yellow, I’m in blue. Yes, I took 12 hours to respond.):


Jesus, Dude. Know what would make my day better? A dick pic. That would totally start my day off right.




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