My dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off – Part 10

Posted on: June 26, 2013

While in Tanzania, I picked up a Tanzanite ring for myself. I’ve wanted one for awhile, and being in Tanzania, the only place in the world where it’s found, I figured it was about time to buy one.

I came home with a ring I love, and $875 poorer. I was fine with that, because the jewelers had been asking $1100  – I had to negotiate big time just for that little decrease.

But the best part is, I’d been nervous to tell my parents how much I spent on it.

Me: “So…. I bought a ring while I was there. Tanzanite… It was kind of expensive.”

Dad (after some pause):  “How much did you spend?”

Me (with a little white lie): “Um…about $800.”

Dad (with total relief in his voice): “OH! That’s not bad! I thought you were going to say $10,000!!!”

Me (super loudly yelling): “DAD! ARE YOU INSANE?!??!?!?! I AM NOT SPENDING 10 GRAND ON A RING!”

Dad (kind of quietly): “Well, I don’t know. You might just do something like that if you wanted to.”

So basically in that conversation I found out: 1) My dad thinks I have NO fiscal responsibility and 2) I could blow a LOT more and they wouldn’t bat an eye.

Sheesh! How do they not know me? How does he not know that I’d rather spend $10K on a car, or paying down my mortgage, or really ANYTHING other than jewelry? I’m so clumsy and accident prone, I’m nervous about wearing an $875 ring, much less one that’s 10x more expensive.

Also, has he completely given up hope? Did he really think I basically proposed to myself? Sigh….







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