I shit myself. Yes, you read that right.

Posted on: July 24, 2013

I probably shouldn’t announce it via this blog – and yes, I did cry when I got home (because of course this happened at work) – but partly I feel like this is just life with IBS.

I had a salad for lunch, with some vegetarian southwestern egg rolls. Had a meeting, and got back to my office. So, I’m sitting there, going through emails and all of a sudden realize I shit. MY PANTS. No cramping, no gas, no warning, no nothing.

For as long as I’ve had IBS, I’ve never had this happen with no warning. Usually, it’s a race to the bathroom but I know what’s coming. This time, there was no indication that I was going to be sick. Just … liquid leakage. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

And of course, because my office is in the most inconvenient place ever in respect to the bathroom, I had to throw a shawl around me, walk through the lobby like I wasn’t totally disgusting and use my key card to get into the hallway where the women’s bathroom is and finally take care of … everything.

So the part that makes me cry (besides being utterly embarrassed and annoyed) is that I don’t know if this is a “new” symptom of my IBS? Like, should I never eat again because I might poop myself? Is this a one-off that was caused by the egg rolls (I’m pretty sure they were the problem)? And if so, exactly what  caused it? I think it was the fat, or maybe the oil they were fried in, but I don’t know for sure, which means I can’t rule anything out.

Sure there are silver linings: I wasn’t wearing a dress, I wasn’t in a meeting, I was alone, I didn’t have to see or talk to anyone afterwards, and I have running water and a washing machine at home. But mostly, this just fucking sucks.

How can I stop something from happening if I don’t know it’s going to happen? AND WHY DOES MY BODY HATE ME?!?!?!



4 Responses to "I shit myself. Yes, you read that right."

That does bloody suck. It sucks massively.

** big hug **

Thank you!!! It did suck. But life goes on, hopefully with no more accidents 😉

Been looking through you’re blog, (sorry if it’s too many notifications, you probably think I’m a creepy stalker) butttt, I find you absolutely hilarious! And confident too! I could never EVER announce on the internet that I shit myself, and at work? That must’ve sucked sooo bad.
And it’s also cool that you’re Indian, I’m Bengali, so I understand some of the things you’re talking about. I’m young, but I am obviously expected to be arranged marriage in the future. But it’s interesting reading about your’s!

Thanks so much – that means a lot!!! Im so flattered that you like reading my dumb ramblings 🙂 Im only open since I’m fairly anonymous (kind of) 😉 I sincerely hope your marriage planning goes quicker, better and more painlessly than mine. 🙂

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