Arranging Marriages – Part 30 (aka, My Dad’s emails)

Posted on: August 1, 2013

This is, word for word, no changes from me except to redact the guy’s email address and personal info, an email from my dad to me:

that ad. from 37/5-6 doctor from {some city} says “seeking alliance from well educated indian send e-mail at
       that is why he did not reply to my e-mail.
        so you can write him a short bio and see if he is going to reply.
        he even does want want picture right just write him your short bio
        ps. do not say anything about my e-mail.

Oh.My.God. I cannot even begin to explain the giggles I had when I first read this. And so many questions!
  • WHY didn’t the guy respond to my dad? Because he’s not a well educated Indian girl???
  • Does he, or does he not, want a picture now?
  • WHY can’t I mention my dad’s email to him? Is it going to look bad???
  • Why are there random periods all over the place?
Dude. Dad is hilarious and I love it.  I hope he never changes.
And no, I have not written this guy. If he can’t bother to write my dad back, he’s definitely a loser.

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