Arranging Marriages – Part 31 (aka, The Magic Ring)

Posted on: August 6, 2013

As I’d noted previously, Mom had a ring made for me based on what some priest in India said about it helping me get married faster.  It finally came in and it’s actually not that ugly. It’s also not a red stone. It’s almost like a clear/yellowish stone. I, of course, have to wear it on my pointer finger. WHY? Why can’t I just wear it on my RING FINGER like a normal RING?  I swear, I really think priests are just trolling people most of the time.

Anyway, we’re at my brother’s place and she hands it to me – I put it on my right hand and I went to take it off and try it on my other hand and SHE FREAKED THE FUCK OUT!

Her: “NOOOOOO! You can’t take it off now!”

Me (looking at her like she’s crazy): “What? I just want to try it on another finger!”

Her: “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Now it has to stay on that finger, until you find someone.”

Me: “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Why didn’t you tell me that?!?!?! “

So now I’m stuck with this ring on my right hand index finger, and we’re all joking about it and how I’m going to have an influx of guys that are drawn to me and they won’t even know why.  My sister is there with her kids and her little boy goes,

Him: “I’m not coming with you to Tanzania!”

Me: “Why not???”

Him: “Because you have that magic ring and everyone will come by you and I don’t like that.”

HA! We were cracking up.  If only it worked like that.

But, just in case it does have any truth to it, and I can just point (because it’s on my pointer – hahaha) at someone and have them want me…. I have started using it:


Please work Please work Please work Please work Please work Please work

Please work Please work Please work Please work Please work Please work





Seriously. PLEASE WORK.

Seriously. PLEASE WORK.






7 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 31 (aka, The Magic Ring)"

Very funny, and a pretty ring 🙂

Thank you!!! 🙂 It’s not exactly my style, but I’m getting used to it!

LOL on your nephew’s comment and at the second pic… though I agree. Best wishes on it working!

Thank you so much!!! 🙂 The nephew’s only 4 but he’s hilarious … at least we think so! 😉

Lol! Brilliant! I’m just catching up on your posts after ages & loving them. My Hindu friends wear pendants with gem stones on them for husband-attracting purposes & even I did the ring thing back in 2010 (didn’t work)

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