Say what you mean, and do what you say

Posted on: March 17, 2014

Ok, I’ve complained about this before, but I’m seriously annoyed … and jaded.

Yesterday evening, I was supposed to have dinner with cool FOB – since I turned down his invite to go to Panama City, we had decided dinner on Sunday would be the alternative.

He had a friend visiting over the weekend, so when I hadn’t heard from him by 3pm yesterday, I figured he’d call or text a bit closer to dinner time. Um…. no.

No call, no text, no nothing. Luckily, my cousin was in town so I just hung out with her and we made dinner, but seriously? COME ON.

If you ask someone out to dinner, fucking remember that you did it! Write a note! Put it in your phone! SOMETHING.

I haven’t texted/called him yet, because I’m super irritated.

A couple of months back, I had been texting with this other guy (also FOB, though I don’t think that’s the common denominator. I think it’s the penis that causes this) – and he would text stupid stuff every couple of hours, non-stop.

We finally made plans to go watch a movie on the weekend. Day of… never heard from him. Next day, didn’t hear from him. Finally, a couple of days later, I texted him and get back this bullshit:

I’m so sorry, yaar! Please give me another chance. I had to help my friend buy a car.

He begged and begged, but I only responded to say, “No more chances, good luck.”

And that sounds harsh, but really – every day BUT the day we’re supposed to meet, I get like 20 texts a day. Then the day of, nothing? Not even one text to say he was busy/couldn’t/got roped into car shopping? Just silence?


So is it any wonder that when I was at dinner with Hubba Hubba (as my friends call him) and he went to the bathroom for a REALLY long time, that I started to wonder if he was even coming back?

I assumed he would, but it took awhile and I honestly started to wonder if he dined and dashed.  Clearly he came back, but there were a few minutes where I just wasn’t sure, because I’m so fucking jaded by everything.  I’m also not convinced we’ll actually go out on Wednesday, so let’s see.





11 Responses to "Say what you mean, and do what you say"

OK so I know you’re pissed but as a new reader of your blog, “I’m so sorry, yaar” really made me smile.

Lol – I may have giggled a LOT when I got that text, and the “please, yaar” follow up 😉
Been enjoying your writing as well!!!!

Thanks. There aren’t many posts but I do what I can…

Totally relate to your last paragraph.

How sad is that???!!!! It makes me so angry that nobody keeps their word anymore.

Totally! And it’s horrible that it is still able to make us feel insecure.

Right! Bc instead of just thinking “he’s an ass” we still think “what’s wrong with me”! Argh.

I love the e card!!

so many men have become overwhelmed with fecklessness and they are okay with it.

I don’t understand! !! How is it ok to be peter pan????

Either they will find women who will tolerate their BS or they will be the 50+ men dating 19 year olds and bragging about it.

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