Posted on: March 24, 2014

1) Hubba Hubba – no text, no nothing. Clearly he’s not going to “make up” anything. Whatever.

2) Cool Fob – called last week on Wednesday, I didn’t pick up. I texted him Thursday to say, “I thought we were supposed to go out on Sunday” and he texted back “Let’s meet tonight or tomorrow.”

I said no because I had plans, which was true, and I was annoyed.

He texted back “When you can meet?”

I didn’t respond, because clearly I could’ve met on the night he blew off.

3) Asshole who sent a pic of his dead dog:  I sent him my number. He said he would call. He never called.

4) Guy I had a date with on Friday night: Nothing offensive, was nice. Never heard from him again, but that’s fine with me as I didn’t bother reaching out to him either. He had a black card, though. Maybe I should’ve tried harder.

5) Gay who doesn’t know he’s gay: Texts enough to keep in touch. I text back. I’m in no mood to continue chatting, but he’s harmless so….  it’s the gays for the win!








5 Responses to "Updates"

Someone sent you a pic of a dead dog??

The dog wasn’t dead in the picture – that was taken pre-death in happier times. But it *was* Jewish (I’m assuming both in life and after life)!

Aha okay. That doesn’t sound as awful.

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