Updates – Part 2

Posted on: April 19, 2014

Gay who doesn’t know he’s Gay: I had a second date with him – we did lunch at a place that I could walk to, which was great because I drank my way through and stumbled home.

We chatted about the missing Malaysian plane, general weekend activities and god knows what else because I couldn’t care enough to remember. It was the weekend of the Final Four (for my overseas readers, it’s the college basketball tournament) and my college team was playing. I mentioned that I had plans to go watch the games later that evening, and he said he was going to watch a French Foreign cartoon film that night.

Ummmm….. we have nothing in common. NOTHING.  But I didn’t have the balls to tell him that, and at the end of lunch, he says to me, ‘Have fun watching football!‘ —- Totally different and wrong sport. Again, nothing in common.

I hadn’t really texted that much with him since, and this past week, he texted to see if I had plans for the weekend. I told him I did, and he didn’t respond. Yesterday, on the Indian dating website,  HE CANCELLED HIS INTEREST IN ME.

Ha! I guess I should be offended, but honestly I’m so thankful. It saves me the trouble of having to get into a discussion about why we’re not compatible.


Tinder date: (aka Guy I had a date with on Friday night): Went out, drank some, ate some, had fun but no sparks. I have no desire to sleep with him but he’s a nice guy. So…. I don’t know. I never text him first, if he asks me out again, let’s face it, I’ll probably just date him by default.


Two things related to “sparks” –


1) The bouncer and I had more flirty banter than me and my date:

Bouncer: “You haven’t been here in awhile!”

Me: “OH! Are we going to pretend you remember me? We can go with that…”

Bouncer: “Do you look in the mirror every day??”

Me: “Um… yeah!?”

Bouncer: “Then why do you think I wouldn’t remember you. Look at you.”


Yup. Total butterflies. Too bad he wasn’t my date. And has a wedding band on.


2)  My girlfriend:

Me: “A, I had a second date, but we had no sparks.”

A: “Who doesn’t spark with you???!!!”

Me: “OMG! That’s what I think but it’s obnoxious to say that!”


So basically, I don’t enjoy the guys I date but love bouncers and my friends. Sums up everything pretty succinctly, I think.




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