I have a Fobby phone stalker

Posted on: May 19, 2014

So WAY back in December, on Tinder, I accidentally right swiped this FOB.  He texted me IMMEDIATELY. As in, I still had the phone in my hand.

He seemed harmless so I chatted with him a bit, and he asked me to go to the movies on a Saturday evening. I had fuck-all better to do, so I said yes.

Fast forward past the day we were SUPPOSED to go out. Yes, SUPPOSED TO.

Please tell me how I got stood up by a FOB? Cause I just don’t understand anymore – but in any case, I didn’t hear from him all weekend, which was fine with me as I hadn’t really wanted to go in the first place.

A couple of days later, he texts and I ask him what happened to our plans?  He said he had to go help his friend buy a car.

All weekend? So busy that he couldn’t once text to say he couldn’t make our date, meanwhile he texts a thousand times otherwise?

Okkkkaaaaaayyy. Whatever. Luckily, I didn’t really care, but I was annoyed at myself. Here I was, trying to do something nice and different for me, and go out with someone I normally wouldn’t go out with because I AM SERIOUSLY TRYING HARD, and I still get stood up! WHAT THE FUCK.

He asked if I wanted to reschedule, and I very sincerely (truly, I was not mean) told him that he seemed like a nice guy, but I didn’t really want to bother rescheduling when he couldn’t be bothered to tell me that HE had needed to reschedule. I wished him luck in his search and thought that was it.

Since then, he’s texted monthly, waiting for a response, which I never provide. I ignore them all.

Ok, not true – I check my phone, roll my eyes, then screenshot that shit to my friends so everyone can giggle. It’s kind of mean, but seriously, the missed date (ONE MISSED DATE) was 6 months ago! GET OVER IT!

I’ve thought about blocking his number, but now I’m kind of curious to see how long this can go. Like, is he going to text for a full year without a reply from me?  If he put this much effort in to a girl that responded, he’d probably be married by now.


The Beginning (he’s in white, I’m in green, which should be clear  because the green never comes back):



It continues:



And continues….


And it’s not just on whatsapp – I’m stone hearted on regular text too:



AND THEN… HE TRICKED ME!!!!! WITH A DIFFERENT NUMBER!!!!!!!(I’m in the blue, of course)



I would really like to know where he got the new number, because since then, he’s gone back to texting me from the original number I had for him.

Does he have burner phones? Did he use his friend’s phone? What’d he tell his friend when he asked to use the phone?? That he wanted to text some girl he was supposed to meet, but blew off, and now he’s weirdly obsessed??

Also, does he think I sit around hating him? I don’t need to “let anything go” – I have no desire to meet him. I let go of that desire pretty damn quickly.  I think he believes I’m still “mad” at him.

It’s really weird, but honestly I’d be  more scared if he wasn’t Indian.

This is just how FOBs are because they’ve never learned to date like a normal person, so everything’s way more heightened – a date is MORE than a date, it means possible marriage. A chat on text is MORE than just a chat, it’s the gateway to a future together.

And, I do think sometimes this is why they can do well with the right person… where I think it’s over the top, weird, stalker-y and gross, to the right woman, it can come across as romantic, determined and full of desire.

I’m sure there is some girl out there who would be flattered by the attention.  He just needs to find her, and stop texting me. 😉





9 Responses to "I have a Fobby phone stalker"

Hahaha sounds like a potential stalker to me 😉

Ha. I do appreciate that he wakes up thinking of me … without me having to do anything! 😉

CL, you sound so reasonable and chill about the whole thing. I would have started out very not mad and increasingly gotten more and more angry with each consecutive text. Let us know when/if he leaves you be!
xoxox, Lar

Thanks Lar!!! It’s annoying but amusing 🙂 Will defi keep you all posted!!!

Ha ha ha, that makes me laugh. You should read my Top Ten post. I think you can relate!

Definitely will check our your post 🙂

This guy is insane! My friend got stalked by a fob taxi driver (long story) and he would ring constantly as well as text…. He just wouldn’t take the hint…

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond (I was on holiday) – but I would love to hear how exactly the fob taxi driver got her number?!?! FOBS usually have no clue, so i’m not surprised at all!

She drunkenly gave him her number and he just wouldn’t give up! I don’t know what she was thinking… Lol

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