Arranging Marriages – Part 43 (aka, I think they gave up for real)

Posted on: June 25, 2014

A while back, my dad had said he didn’t want to go to India till I was married, because that was the only topic of conversation everyone wanted to discuss.

On our recent vacation together, he and mom mentioned they are thinking of going in January.

That was the first sign that they’re moving beyond hope.

In any case, I told them I wanted to go to… it’s been so long for me and it’s time to make a trip.

Then, as my mom and I were walking together, she busts out with this:

“You know, your aunt was telling me about someone they know who’s your age. Her younger sister got married and she hasn’t met anyone and is tired of waiting, so she adopted a girl from India.”


“ummmmmmmm……………. ok…………………..”


“Since we’re going in January, you should think about it. We can look around while we’re there.”


“ummmmmmmm……………. ok…………………..”



“If you adopted a small baby, I’d come live with you and help you.”



“ummmmmmmm……………. ok…………………..”



“At least that way, you’d have someone and you’d also be helping make someone else’s life better. It’s a good thing to do.”


Ok, so the thing is, I’ve considered this, but I never thought they would be on board. I always figured they’d think it’d ruin my chances of meeting someone. Dad may still feel that way, but Mom is definitely looking beyond just marriage now.

In any case, clearly, this is the biggest sign that they’ve given up hope.

I thought I’d be sad when this day finally came, but I’m glad they’re facing reality now. I do want kids, and although I didn’t think I’d ever be a single mother, maybe this is my path.

Just call me Angelina šŸ˜‰






2 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 43 (aka, I think they gave up for real)"

This is interesting! Years ago I always said if I was still single at 30 then I would adopt a child from India but now I’m 33 and still not ready for a child… Maybe it comes naturally when you have one? I guess I love my lie-ins & independence too much…

My parents gave up hope a long time ago & even though I’m in a relationship now, they still aren’t convinced… The classic quote from my dad a couple of months was: “I don’t want you to be hurt when he lets you down”… When?! Lol…

I feel the same way!! I thought my clock would be ticking so loud, and maybe if I had someone it would be. .. but I’m not sure about rushing into this!!!

Your dad is hilarious! Love it šŸ™‚

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