Match Redux – Part 1

Posted on: July 18, 2014

I paid for Match again and I’m so fucking pissed at myself for doing so.

Who was the first guy to contact me?!?

Irish Drunkard.

He emails and says:

I just rejoined match, remember me? Its a pity we lost touch, I still think about you now and again, I actually looked for your number recently in my old phone but not there, do you want to reconnect? I hope all is well with you 🙂


Why? Why is he thinking of me? We had ONE date, where he was drunk THE WHOLE TIME. ONE drunken date.

So I emailed just to be nice, but didn’t engage any discussion of meeting up again.

Over the next few days, I got this:


I just got back from Ireland this week, and very fairly jetlagged. What are your plans for the weekend? maybe we can grab lunch and catch up?



Hi CurryLove! How was your 4th? You thought I’d forget your name! ha. Its a tricky one 🙂 Hope all is well



Good morning, I never heard back from ya! I hope I didn’t get your name wrong 🙂 It’d be great to see you again. Text me if you want, quicker..Hope you’re doing well.


Ok, so after that last one, I felt like I HAD to email him back:

Sorry for the delay, I just wasn’t getting on here during the holiday.

I think we’re probably better as friends than anything else, but I appreciate you wanting to reconnect.

How has match been going for you this time around?


And this was what he wrote back:

not interested..


UMMMMM………. Is he reiterating that I’m not interested? Because he’s correct.

Is he telling me that HE’S not interested? Because that’s fantastic.

I guess the answer doesn’t matter because I’m off the hook either way, but my friend’s boyfriend did say he was probably just trying to make me feel bad and trolling for a response. Didn’t fall for that one…. finally.





3 Responses to "Match Redux – Part 1"

What a jerk. At least you’re done with him.

Right? I mean, was I supposed to fall all over myself with happiness that he wanted to get drunk again? Wait til you read about the next guy! Just as bad!!

It’s just so ridiculous as soon as you just want to be friends he is gone. I guess he doesn’t understand that girls want to get to know people before they date.

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