Yes, I know it’s me – Part 2 (aka, OMG It is really ME)

Posted on: November 14, 2014

I don’t know what my problem is. It’s almost like I prefer being single, but complain about not having anyone because that’s what I’m ‘supposed’ to do.

So I’ve “known” this guy in Philly for years. We met online on the Indian dating site but never actually met in person. Then apparently (I’d forgotten about this) we reconnected when his parents placed his matrimonial ad in a paper, and my parents answered, but still never met in real life.

We’ve basically just texted a few times a year, mostly during football season, for years.

But a few weeks back, when I was in Philly for a conference, we finally met.

Not only did we meet, we had an 8 hour date – we spent all Sunday together. During that time, I accidentally drank a bottle and a half of wine, by myself, and managed to puke all night before I presented at a conference the next day. I’m classy and professional. Luckily, no after-effects and my presentation went great.

Anyway, back to the guy – so I was drunk, he’d been drinking… and not a move. Not a kiss on the cheek, not a hand hold, not anything.

And the worst part? I didn’t care!!!

It’s been like 2 years since I’ve been laid (so depressing) and I DIDN’T CARE! That’s not a good sign…

So we’ve been chatting on the phone since we met, and he very forthrightly asked me the other night:

“…So now that we’ve met, I was just curious if you wanted to keep talking? See where this goes?”

My response:

“… ummmm. Yeah, sure, why not. I mean, it’s not like there’s a reason not to. I guess we should just see what happens.”


Here is this guy, who by all accounts is everything I should want and what I say I want: educated, smart, nice, attractive, fun, drinks, eats meat (yes, that’s weirdly important to me), is interested in me, is the same type of Indian, speaks the same language, has a job, works out, and proactively calls/texts.


If some guy said that to me, I would be SO PISSED.  He wasn’t even angry! He just kind of laughed and said, “Great! Let’s see what happens!”

So yeah. It’s most definitely ME. I’m my own problem.



9 Responses to "Yes, I know it’s me – Part 2 (aka, OMG It is really ME)"

Ah well, it’ll teach him to work harder if he likes you. I mean, if he’s interested, GET IN THE GAME MAN. Men nowadays are like insecure little girls. Very unattractive.

They are sooooooo insecure! It’s so strange. 😦

I agree with Ella North. Not to mention, it’s taken him years to come forward and even ask you to hang out. If he really wants you he will be proactive and show you. Let him do all the work in the beginning, and if it works, then you become a team. If not, back to the single life you go! I’ve been there girl. I’m there right now actually. *sigh*

Aww man! I agree with you girls on that respect – he never made effort beyond texting. But I wonder if that’s bc I gave off “not interested” vibes? Sorry to hear you’re in the same spot. Will definitely check out your stories 🙂

Attraction and interest are strange fickle things. Just because he seems “ideal”, doesn’t mean that you actually will be into him, which seems odd even to type, but is true. I’ve been there. “She’s perfect… but I’m just not interested”. Odd.

This post caught my attention for some reason. Second part of your post, you wrote about how this guy on paper is everything you should want in a guy. The truth is, it’s not, and let me be honest with you and give you some pointers:

In a Guy you need to see:
– A bad boy
– A guy who hasn’t had a clean sheet all his life
– A couple of tattoos which is now regrets
– A guy who know sex is addictive, and knows how to get you into his bed, despite knowing you heading that way all along.
– A guy who’s is earning some serious amount of money (and doesn’t always have to be the legitimate way)
– A guy who doesn’t tell you straight away and you have to keep knocking on his door to get some straight answers from.
Basically a guy who moulds you into a shape acceptable for both.

This guy who you talk about – is a guy who’ll get you pregnant and leave you to deal with you emotions and fitness on your own while he’s trying to underwrite insurance policies….

You need a bad boy in your life.

I pretty much disagree with everything you wrote about needing to see in a guy (especially the illegitimate acquisition of money – ummm, no) but always good to hear other opinions 🙂

I’m pleasantly surprised and I like it. As for illegitimate acquisition of money I meant illegally dealing in body parts….ha ha ha. My opinions are devastatingly spontaneous so please don’t take too seriously.

Ohhh!! Well that’s fine of course. Who doesn’t sell kidneys on the black market?!?

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