Yes, I know it’s me – Part 3 (aka, he’s visiting)

Posted on: January 10, 2015

So, I’ve been ‘chatting’ with the guy from Philly since we met back in October.

But it’s not really chatting. We talk on the phone, but it lasts for about 5 minutes. We text, but it’s not anything more than ‘Hey, what are you up to’  ‘Nothing, you?’ ‘Not much.’

Fucking riveting conversation.

But, in our last 5 minute phone call, right before we got off the phone, he did say:

Would you like to meet again? I mean, otherwise, we’re just pen pals.

No, actually to be pen pals, we’d need to have more interaction.

But in any case, I said yes, I thought it’d be good and so he’s on his way down in a couple of weeks. To his credit, he booked his tickets within a day of us deciding that we should meet again, which is awesome.

Unfortunately, I’m not excited AT ALL. In one way, at least that takes the pressure off (for me) – it’s just like a friend coming to hang out for the weekend. But, that’s not what it should be. I wish I was excited. I wish I couldn’t wait to see him again. I wish I wanted to fuck him.

I keep hoping that something will spark over the weekend he’s here, but at the same time, I’m trying to not expect that. Because whether it does or doesn’t, this may be it… he may be my last shot at actually being with someone.




9 Responses to "Yes, I know it’s me – Part 3 (aka, he’s visiting)"

He’s not your last shot. Don’t think that or you’ll settle for disappointment and resentment for life.

Ayyy. I know. And I’m sure he’s better than I’m giving him credit for… I don’t know what my problem is with him. I think it’s the lack of any chemistry.

Well I don’t think chemistry is underrated at all. If there’s nothing there now, can you live with that for years to come? I tend to think way too far ahead, but I feel there has to be something there to draw me in and want to be nowhere else with no one else in those beginning stages 🙂

I totally agree! But every time I feel that way, I get screwed. Not in a good way. Lol. So I’m trying to think realistically instead of romantically. It’s hard. 🙂

Tell me about it… We’re in the same boat once again 😉

Too bad our boats are so far apart! we could have a lot of fun and cause some chaos if we were in the same city 🙂

I knoooow! Definitely agree!

Eh… Im torn here. I feel if your not excited you should tell him now… Let him get his money back. But thats just me… If i was him i would want you to be excited and if not, tell me

But maybe I’ll get excited? We shall see 🙂

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