Is Mercury in retrograde?

Posted on: June 27, 2015

I’m not a huge believer in astrology but weird things happened this week that actually made me say out loud “Is Mercury in retrograde??” And after I said it, I realized my office door was open and prayed nobody heard me sound like a hippie dippie nutter.

On Monday, I received what I thought was spam but turned out to be an email from the bartender I flirted with when I was in Namibia. THREE YEARS AGO.

It was short and to the point and he basically said he was thinking about “how much fun we had all those years ago.” Which is sweet but what’s odd is that we never did anything. NOTHING. I gave him a small kiss the last night but not even any tongue!! I spent 2 weeks flirting with him and he spent 2 weeks flirting back, bringing me drinks and food that I paid for and that was that.

It’s flattering but strange to hear from him.

The next day, which is what caused my astrological outburst, I got a text from my old trainer. Last I heard from him, about a month or two ago, he wanted to grab drinks with  me before he moved… He moved, drinks never happened.

So on Tuesday I get a text from him out of the blue seeing if I want to go lunch while he’s back in town, which I couldn’t. Then he proceeds to try to set up lunch for this coming week  and says:

I’ve really wanted alone time with you ever since I used to flirt and train you. But lunch is just us and you can’t tell anyone, deal?

No, jackass. No deal. I’m not super interested in a SECRET LUNCH. Wtf.

How is lunch “alone time”? Who says “alone time”?  Why does it have to be secret?? Is he engaged again? Is he just a weirdo who can’t get his shit together?

I said no to lunch but that’d I’d be open to meeting another time. I don’t think it’ll happen so not too concerned about it.

Sigh. Mercury needs to get its ass back into line.


2 Responses to "Is Mercury in retrograde?"

It MUST be! I swear everything is very off this week.

Isn’t it the worst??? I hate the feeling of being “off”!!

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