Mumbly is finally done

Posted on: December 13, 2015

So it took forever to end things because I just couldn’t come out and say it.

We went back and forth on email a couple of times, with him being witty and asking if I knew of any Hindu fire rituals to save a relationship.  Cute, but we don’t have a relationship. We’ve met once, chatted a few times, had LOADS of silence in all of that, and emailed. A relationship that does not make.

I couldn’t prolong the inevitable and finally had to tell him I thought we’d better off as just friends.

Haven’t heard from him since.

Perhaps I fucked up on this one. He is smart, nice and kind. Maybe the silence would’ve grown on me? I guess we’ll never know but he’s off the list and I’m back to the drawing board.

On a side note, I did get hit on by a coworker’s husband at our company Christmas party….so at least guys still find me attractive. Although he was so fall down drunk he could’ve been talking to a pole and not known the difference.

To wrap this post up though… I don’t know what to do… I feel like I’ve been complaining about the same shit for 4 years (well, that’s as long as this blog has been around. I’ve been actually complaining for much longer than that).

Part of why I’ve posted less and less is that even I’m sick of reading my own shit.  Something has to change, and I’m not sure whether that’s something in me (Do I need to be a better person to attract better? What’s wrong with me? What do I need to do?) or maybe my location (is it time to move? Where do I go?) or maybe change how I try to meet guys (though, besides online and in real life*, I don’t know what options there are)??

*I’ve even asked friends to set me up with their fiance’s or husband’s or boyfriend’s friends… same response every time: “Oh, none of his friends are good enough.” THEN WHY IS YOUR HUSBAND/FIANCE/BOYFRIEND FRIENDS WITH LOSERS!!!??? Like, how’d you find the ONE in that group who is normal??  ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.




11 Responses to "Mumbly is finally done"

CurryLove, I am never sick of reading your shit. Stick with it, I absolutely love it, and I need it to remind myself I’m not alone in this! I AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH with you.

B Girl!!!!!! I miss your blog and am so excited you posted again. To the point of both of our posts… How has it been 881 days since your last and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

For real though… I’ve missed you!

[…] reading CurryLove’s post I wanted to write. CurryLove must be the US version of me, there is no other explanation. I am in […]

Cath and I are never tired of reading your blog ever! So please keep it up. I absolutely hate and love this word: perseverance. I hate it because it’s so freakin hard and love it because the people who do have it, I admire so much. Like you!
xoxo, Lar

You ladies are the sweetest 🙂 we’re definitely BFF: blog friends forever!

Your content is dangerously addictive. I’ll have to subscribe.

How have you not subscribed yet?! Should’ve been the first thing you did

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