Arranging Marriages – Part 47 (aka, Mom is Nancy Drew)

Posted on: March 4, 2016

So there was all this flurry of activity of a potential new match: Doctor, divorced, same age as me, etc etc. The usual.

Dad sends me an email telling me to ask around to see if any of my friends know him. Mom calls his mom directly. The conversation they had follows:

My Mom (giving some information): She was born in ’77.

His mom (being a bitch): Oh, we’re looking for someone who’s 30 or 31.

My Mom (being awesome): Ok, good luck. Bye. *CLICK*

MOM HUNG UP ON THIS WOMAN!!! This woman who thinks her doctor son, who has a child, is going to trap some young babe into marrying him. Which, who knows, maybe he will. Who cares? Not me.

Mom then tells me, “Yeah, he plays cricket, which I thought was weird for a boy born here, so I wanted to make sure about some things.” And then she laughs and says, “They’re stupid.”

She totally listened to all the clues and did her research!!! I am so proud!

Meanwhile, any boy’s mom who says “WE” are looking for someone definitely means that I am not the someone who they’re looking for. Single is better than trapped.





13 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 47 (aka, Mom is Nancy Drew)"

“Yeah, he plays cricket, which I thought was weird for a boy born here…”

Eh, what is the weirdness in this? I’m born and bred in the UK and I play Cricket and so do, like 80%, of other team members not just in my club but in the entire league.

We’re not in the UK. I don’t know a single AB guy who understands cricket, much less plays it. I expect my British counterparts to play (whether they’re white, indian, south african, whatever) but not the boys here. It usually indicates that they haven’t been in the states that long.

Jesus, I thought you were in the UK. Accept my apology.

Really?? I’m so surprised! I think i “sound” American with the way I write.

All along, for some bizarre (and now embarrassing) reason, I thought you were from and living in the UK. To me, you sounded (by the way you wrote) an English.

Well I’m flattered! Because I think the Brits sound way smarter than us 🙂

‘Sound’ hhmm I would argue ‘are’.

Aww. We had such a nice repertoire going and you had to pull the smugness. Nice 😉

The moment I wrote it I instantly regretted it, to the point that was pit off from drinking my afternoon tea. Depressing, I know you don’t have to say (or write) it.


Instant regret is far better than forced apologies. In the vernacular of America, no worries – we’re good. 😉

Your mom is awesome!! 🙂

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