I like your color

Posted on: May 2, 2016

Today, I got a message on bumble from some white guy who did the usual blah blah blah and then, out of nowhere, says, “I like your color!!”

Ummm thanks?

So I guess the thing is, I’m not surprised – clearly I expect guys who aren’t Indian to self-select in dating someone who isn’t whatever color they are. But I don’t expect it to come out so fetishized.

I didn’t respond right away, so a few hours later I got another message from him that asked, “Was I too eager?”

I finally had a chance to reply and just said that his comment about color threw me, and I’d never had anyone say that to me before ever meeting.  He then goes on to say, “I just like darker girls!”

And then BECAUSE THIS IS ALL I HAVE NOW … I found myself thinking, “Well, at least he’s already attracted to me. Maybe this could be ok.”

Because, though I haven’t blogged about them, I did have a bunch of first dates that were SO BORING. They were all Indian guys, who I’m sure wanted to go out with me because I’m Indian, so how is this any different? Would it be reverse discrimination if I didn’t go out with this White Guy with a Fetish??

I don’t know anymore.







13 Responses to "I like your color"

What the hell?

I assume that’s a what the hell to him…or maybe it’s to me for considering him. Lol

Ha, It would be discrimination 😉 Give us white guys a chance,we aren’t all that bad

I give all guys a chance. Have you been reading this shit??? 😉

I know you do!! You’re my most loyal fan and my fave white guy 😉

Don’t give anyone a real chance that comes right out the gate with something like that.

Humor him by giving him a chance to dig out that big hole he dug for himself (maybe you’ll gey a good laugh) and if he can’t come up with something other than a lame justification for his lack of class shut him down.

I don’t think he realizes it’s strange!! I guess everyone has preferences, he just verbalized his before we ever met. Lol

I say things like “I like his colour”… I don’t see how it’s a bad thing! It’s like saying someone’s eye colour or hair colour is nice. Non-brown guys say we look ‘exotic’ which is just a different way of saying they like our skin tone. I wouldn’t be offended by it. Unless he said it in a massively creepy way that is..

I’m definitely not offended but it came off as strange. I’ll prob give him a chance because there aren’t many options. 😉

🙂 That was exactly my thinking when I met HTD…

Hahaha. I don’t think this is ending in marriage but who knows 😉

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