I don’t even know anymore

Posted on: April 2, 2017

So when Philly was here, we’d been out to a bar where we ended up chatting with young guy (as in, still-in-college-just-turned-21). I remember meeting him and giving him advice on how he should find a sugar mama (and where he should do that). He drank with us a bit and was cute and fun and I probably flirted with him a bit more than I should’ve. He’d texted a few times after (I guess I gave him my number while drunk) and I lied and told him Philly was my boyfriend.

Well, last week, I got a text from a number I didn’t know. After a little back and forth, turned out it was this young guy! TWO YEARS LATER.

He said he found my number and just wanted to see how things were. I teased him about texting after 2 years and he said he thought “he’d take it slow” – which made me laugh. Then he asked if I still had boyfriend. NO. I DON’T. I NEVER DO. I NEVER DID. I didn’t respond to him because what’s the point?

I will generally never understand guys. Like, wtf – he just found my number and thought he’d take a shot? So strange. Weirdly flattering, but so so strange.

Yet, guys that I actually like that I *want* to hear from again… Nope. Never.

Then just a few days ago I met this woman who I ended up chatting to for quite a bit. She is 47 and married, and I legit thought she was in her late 20s (I asked for her skin care regimen – she said it’s just Asian genetics). Anyway, she asked about my status to which I replied I’m single. She was SHOCKED. As in, her mouth fell open. And I don’t think she was acting. She actually didn’t believe I was single, and then goes on to say:

Well, you must be VERY PICKY. Because you shouldn’t be single. You should have your choice of guys.

Yup. I’ve heard that before. And as one of my friends recently told me: “You have shit taste in men.”

How is my life summed up in a meme? Sigh. At least I’m on the only one who doesn’t understand this mystery:








1 Response to "I don’t even know anymore"

The kid texting you is not weird at all. He doesn’t lose anything by texting you. On the flip side, you or one of the other 100 girls on his phone might just agree to hang out. And that might result in some fun times.

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