Posted on: July 17, 2017

I haven’t written in a while… not because I’m wallowing in grief or despair but because I decided to make changes in my life that don’t involve a man. 

But you know what did involve men??? The New Kids on the Block tour  (with Paula  Abdul and Boyz 2 Men). 

Somehow my friend got us killer seats and we got to touch (not creepily touch, but like stick our hands out and let NKOTB grab them) TWO NEW KIDS. 40% SUCCESS RATE OF TOUCHING BAND MEMBERS (Jonathon and Jordan, for anyone who cares)!!!!!!!!

This is,  no joke, a wish I had from when I was a teenager and they were huge. I never got to go to their concerts back then so this was a fucking treat to start with and THEN I GOT TO BE A FANGIRL!!! 

I didn’t think I’d react the way I did but fuck.. my heart was racing, I was beyond excited, and it brought back those feelings of first crushes and being a giddy teenager. I may have even jumped up and down and screamed a bit.

I feel no shame 🙂


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