Posted on: August 21, 2017

Back on Bumble. Fuck my life.

I matched with these guys and said my customary “hello ” as an opener.  I don’t waste a lot of time writing an intro because God knows what I’ll get back.

So… with that in mind,  that all I said was “hello” — I present to you the responses I received: 

The Doctor:

The random hottie (sent the same message when I didn’t respond to his first one.  And has not deleted the app):

The Indian FOB:

I am going to be alone forever. 


2 Responses to "Bumbling "

I hadn’t visited your blog in a few months and suddenly remembered it today… you’re still in the same boat as me 😦 I get the same kinda messages as you, in fact, I got the first one you posted word for word. I think online is seriously the worst way to meet people but it’s so hard to meet people in real life. I think my next step might be a private matchmaker. I don’t know what else to do. I thought about moving as well but you’d think a big city like Atlanta would have decent prospects… Not!!

It’s the worst!!!!!!!!! I haven’t thought about private matchmaker but would love to hear about it if you go that route!

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