I’m writing this anonymously so as not to hurt feelings or get in trouble…. if you figure out who I am, please keep it a secret!

I am:  30-something. Single. Indian. Female. These 4 words seem to define me lately.  This blog came about as my way to cope with some of the pressure I get – from my parents, my family and myself to just find “the one” and settle down and make little Indian (or half-Indian) babies. Like the world needs more of those!  I have been searching since I was 23… multiple years of my life devoted to just getting married, happily or not.  Well, that’s not fair. I know, at the end of the day, all anyone wants is for me to be happy. It just doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes I wonder if I even do the right things to make myself happy.

I’m starting this blog on the recommendation of a friend – hopefully it’ll amuse those of you who come across it. Make you laugh a little, think a little, give some advice if you have it….

Let the adventures begin!!


28 Responses to "About"

just wanted to drop in and tell ya I’m enjoying reading your blog. I like your sense of humor. you should go ahead and do the arranged marriage, because you’ll probably meet your dream guy like the day after the honeymoon, haha..such is life.

Thank you so much!! 🙂 And yeah, even my dad said this weekend: “Maybe you should get married so we can have the wedding and after a week, you can get a divorce if you want.” He was kidding, I think 😉

Hahaha! I LOVE your blog! It’s darn hilarious!

Thank you so much!!!! I hope your friend is still dating/loving/having fun with his ‘heathen’ Non-Indian girlfriend 🙂

Lol, yes he is and often time he goes home and tell the grandmother that he has a new girlfriend and she’s an african! I’m sure you can imagine the horrid expression on the grandma’s face! 🙂

Hey… Refreshing to find there are more of us out there! I totally relate to this – well all apart from the pressure bit. I’m lucky enough to have Asian parents who are very laid back (maybe a little too laid back, perhaps a little pressure may have done me good!)
Let’s hope we both find what we are looking for 🙂 good luck!

P.s starting my blog is the most therapeutic thing ever – keep writing!

Thanks!! It is definitely refreshing to know we’re not alone, and that the stupidity of men spans the world, regardless of race/religion/sexuality! 😉

I nominated you for the lovely blogger award.

Thanks for always being entertaining!

awww!!!!!! Thanks!!!! That’s so sweet!!! 🙂

Congratulations! I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Check my latest post for the rules to nominate the blogs you love too!

I’ve never been so hoooked on someone’s blog! So refreshing and honest! You just say how it is….I love it! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

p.s. There is a guy out there for you…trust me I’ve had my share of complete bloody idoits….they aren’t all bad believe it or not! 🙂

Awww, Thanks!!! That is super sweet!!! Bloody idiots is an appropriate summation of the boys I seem to meet 😉

Hello CurryLove!
You’ve been nominated for an award on my blog because I love (or your blog) and want you to keep spreading the awesome sauce.

Awww thanks!!! That’s so sweet of you! 🙂 I so appreciate it!!!

I couldn’t get enough of your dad’s humour–I’m not sure if he was intentional in his humour, but it was great!

Most of it’s unintentional but comic gold in any case 😉

Tag, you’re it! You’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award; check it out:

Nice blog and looking forward to reading more posts! 🙂

Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it 🙂

You’ve disappeared! Come back and write some*, I miss your blog. Plus the longer you’re leaving it, the more I’m beginning to think that the power of your Ring has come through…… 😉

* Yep I know kettle/pot…

Ha! The ring has definitely more shown its power yet. Just been traveling like crazy for work. And other than that, life is pretty boring, sadly! I was thinking about you though — you must write soon. I miss your posts!

I just spent like an hour reading your blog. With each post I felt like I was reading a new chapter of an awesome new book. Love it!

Thank you so much!! That means a LOT 🙂 I’m so thankful you took the time to read and comment!

Haha. Little half Indian princesses. Classic. Love your sense of humor. Email me, let’s become pen pals! Lol

Thanks! I’ve enjoyed reading yours as well 🙂

I’ve subscribed – I like you 😉

Thanks so much!! That totally made me smile this morning 🙂

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