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Spent some time with my sister and her family… at this rate, I’m gonna have to count on her kids taking care of me as well as her, so I try really hard to be their favorite aunt 😉

Luckily, they’re easy kids to love. She’s 8 now, and he’s 5, and I adore them and discipline them, but shit…. WHERE do they get the energy? When we play “Simon says” I do things like, “Simons says touch your nose, touch your toes, touch your hair…”

What do they say?

“Simon says…. run around the room two times and then hop on one foot.”

Um, no. This Simon will have a heart attack if she does it. I always lose when one of them is Simon.

And, the little boy is SUCH a little boy. He tries to get away with things my little girl never did… when he says naughty words, she tells on him, and I try to trick her into saying them to:

Her: “He said bad words!”

Me: “What’d he say???”

Her: just looks at me, giggling


And I shouldn’t laugh, and I try super hard not to, but he’s so proud and giggling and she’s laughing, so while I tell him not to say those things, I know it holds no water because I’m laughing too.

The last day I was there, they were playing Legos, and he says to her:

“If you don’t give me the piece I want, you’ll have a big fat butt forever.”

My sister and I, eating breakfast just a little ways away from them, both (quietly) bust out laughing. And my little niece started to cry.  And I can’t be mad at her for crying, but he’s not a wizard, so really, she’s not going to have a big fat butt forever. Stop crying.

We of course told him not to say things like that, but yeah… I think he just does what he wants. He’s much more of a “Better to apologize later than ask first” kind of boy. And she’s more of a rule-follower.

A couple of days ago, we were skyping and they were jumping up and down on their new trampoline (and not of breath and talking at the same time. ARGH!) – and she got off so he could have his turn, and when she wanted her turn… nope. He didn’t get off.  In fact, he LAID DOWN ACROSS the trampoline so she couldn’t jump. She rightly went and told and I yelled at him, not laughing this time, and he just giggled.

And the thing is, they’re treated the same. They’re disciplined for the same things. They have the same rules. She just follows them, and he sometimes doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both REALLY good kids, very well behaved (in public, home is different, of course), understand right from wrong, and are both really sensitive and caring. But he’ll totally test the waters, and she won’t.

Recently, he told me:

“I hate girls”

And I said,

“That’s not nice…I’m a girl, your mommy is a girl, your sister is a girl, your grandmothers are girls, you don’t like them? “

And I watched his wheels turn as he tried to explain:

“Well, I don’t hate girls. I like girls. But I don’t want to play with them.”

And then soon after that, he told me he couldn’t eat his sister’s birthday cake because it was pink.

Because of course she had a huge pink cake (which she was upset with because the display cake showed a big queen’s crown, and instead it came with a pink tiara, and she already has princess tiara’s so that’s not what she wanted) and of course he couldn’t eat it.

And of course, when her birthday came, she was fine with the cake and he ate a piece, regardless of the color.

They’re the epitome of “boys being boys” and “girls being girls” – and I love watching them grow up, seeing how they change and seeing their personalities really start to come alive. Maybe one day I’ll be able to give them cousins to play with 🙂




I just got back from a mini-vacation at my sister’s place. Luckily, there was a blizzard so the kids were out for snow days the whole time I was there.  (On a side note, how is it that I can wake up at 730am no problem when it’s to get up and play with the kids, but when I’m here and trying to get to work on time, I’m always late? )

My little monkeys, now 7 (the girl) and 4 (the boy) are my most favorite things in the world. Their personalities are shining through and they are just awesome to hang out with. They are sweet and funny and naughty and just a joy to be around.

It was my last day and my nephew was sitting in my lap watching cartoons and he says to me:

“Masi, maybe you can make a robot of yourself and make the robot go to work and then you can stay here with us!!”

I almost cried. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could. Hell, I don’t think anyone at work would notice anyway.

So then, today he told my sister the following (he calls my parents Nahna and Nahni, and his dad’s business is closed on Mondays):

“Mommy, maybe when we drop Nahna and Nahni at the air-pote on Monday, we can pick up Masi because it’s Monday so she prolly doesn’t have to work!”

I almost cried again when she told me that.

My niece is just as awesome – she was helping us make puri and my brother’s new wife (non-Indian) wanted to do it for the first time.

So my sister-in-law says to my niece (and now her niece):

“Look, we’re learning how to make puri together!”

And my niece says, completely unfazed and not stopping what she’s doing:

“I’m not learning. I already knew how to make them.”

HAHAHA. And it’s true! We have her on video helping us at the age of 2!

And then, they were both fascinated with my nose ring. I took it out for them so they could see it was just like an earring, and my nephew says:

“Can you breathe without it?!?!”

Adorable.  That also reminded me of when my niece was younger, about 4 herself and we were playing this alphabet game on the computer – she set it up for me to play with her but before she handed it over, she asked:

“Um…do you know your capital AND lower case letters?”

I loved that she double-checked – why assume that someone would know anything? Such a good life lesson, honestly.

I wish they lived closer so I could see them all the time, but I’ll take every second with them that I can get.



Although we’re Hindu, we grew up celebrating Christmas. We did the whole secular shebang – put out milk and cookies (and sometimes spicy Indian snacks because Mom said Santa would be tired of eating all the sweet stuff and he’d want something different), put up a tree, wrote our letters, made ornaments in school, etc.

We celebrated until we got old enough to have to pull the tree and ornaments out of storage ourselves, and Dad said he wasn’t going to do it anymore… and then laziness took over.  We put up a wreath and minimal paraphernalia, but didn’t really do the whole ‘tree thing’ anymore.

But now that my sister’s kids (my niece (6) and nephew (4)) are the perfect age to celebrate, we’ve all gotten back in the spirit. I’ve spent Christmas with my sister in the past, but I just saw them in November for my brother’s wedding and I don’t have the time off that I would need to go visit properly.

Enter Skype.

We group skype all the time. And tomorrow morning, at 830am, we have a whole family skype date to watch them open presents:

1) Me
2) My sister and the family in the midwest
3) My brother and his wife up north
4) My parents in Florida

I cannot wait – they are SO excited about Santa’s visit – putting out chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk (cold, because Santa doesn’t like it warm).

So today, when I was skyping with just the kids (and they’re still in their pajamas), I asked where my sister was:

Nephew: “She’s in the shower.”

Me: “She’s taking a shower and you guys are still stinky in your PJs??? That’s not fair!”

Nephew: “Yeah. We’re always stinky. She doesn’t have time to give us a bath.”

I totally bust out laughing…”What! She never gives you a bath??”

Nephew: “Yeah! I told you! SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME!”

My sister came out just then and I told her that I got the full scoop on how she keeps them dirty and she just sighs and obviously points out that it’s not the truth. Like I really believed him, but you know, at least she clarified. 😉

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with my sister and I asked to speak to my niece, who’d just got back from school. She declined and I hear my nephew yelling at her in the background:


Oh! And a couple of days before that, I asked what the asked for in their letters to Santa:

Nephew: “I want EVERY toy in the WHOLE WORLD!”

Me: “Um… where are you gonna put those? Every toy’s not going to fit in the house!”

Nephew: “In the garage. Daddy can move his cars.”

Ha! That is totally not happening.

So my niece, last year, asked for ice skates. My sister, as Santa, wrote her a letter saying she’d get ice skates after she took skating lessons.

Fast forward to this year:

Me: “What’d you write in your letter?”


“I didn’t write a letter!! Santa already knows what I want from last year. He said if I took lessons, he’d give me ice skates. So now he’ll bring me ice skates ’cause I did what he said!! So he already knows…”

Man. Her memory is like an elephant’s!  Luckily for my sister, my nephew did change his mind on wanting every toy:

“I just want a fire truck, with a hose that sprays water. And anything else that Santa wants to bring me is ok!”

And with that… I hope you all managed to get on the naughty or nice list, wherever you wanted to be. I hope you get everything you wished for, and I hope for a happy and healthy holiday season for you and your family.  🙂

Merry Christmas to all… and to all a Good Night.






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