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The heated pool at the Windhoek Hilton

Sunset from the Sky Bar


Robert Mugabe Avenue crosses with....

Fidel Castro Street!! And do you know what's at the intersection?? (Actually, in the middle of the traffic circle...)







Pics of DeadVlei and Sesriem Canyon


Friday night was the last night in Windhoek. As per every night, I ended up at my favorite hotel bar with my favorite bartenders.

A and the Canadian Cricket Player (CCP) joined me and we did what we’d done for about 2 weeks straight: talk, laugh and drink a LOT.  We were there for awhile and I eventually, somehow, fulfilled my dream of being a bartender!!! The staff were totally super sweet to me and let me behind the bar to make drinks. I just poured the shots as I was told, but still, I was so excited and had so much fun. The Bartender had said I could come back there before, but I was so worried they’d get in trouble. That last night, he came over, grabbed me by the hand and led me behind the bar. 🙂

We made some sort of flaming drink, some blow job and muff dive shots and then some random guy asked me for a whiskey. He thought I really worked there! Most flattering part of the night. Ha.

So from there, me and A and the cricket team went to El Cubano, a club in the hotel. We danced some salsa and drank some more, of course. A had gone down first, and they had charged her $100NBD to get in but since she was staying at the hotel, she should’ve got in for free.

On our way out of the club, I got into it with the ‘bouncer.’  He refused to give her a refund even after she showed her room key. His logic was so fucking dumb: “But you’ve already gone in, so why should you get your money back?” Um… because she shouldn’t have paid in the first place! Dumbass. I pointed this out and he was so adamant he was right. I asked (ok, more like demanded) for his manager but at this point, A and CCP took me by both sides and pulled me away. I think they were worried I’d end up in a fight, but I could’ve totally taken him. He was tiny. As they’re making me leave, I’m yelling at the guy: “You only took her money because she’s African!”  They both agreed I was right but everyone was ready to get to the next place, so we left.

We got to D-Club at I don’t even know what time. It was so late and I was so tired and so drunk. I didn’t want to go, but as A said, when was I ever going to do this again, with this group of people? I should live to regret it.

And she was right! I am glad I went, even if the next morning wasn’t that great. Anyway, we get to the club, have a little more to drink and dance and CCP and I were sitting on a little stage area and he just kissed me! And then we made out. A lot. At the club. I’m sure there are probably pictures somewhere, hopefully I’ll never see them. He was a good kisser and definitely wanted to do more than just make out… that was obvious. Ha ha!

So this whole time, I was being a little naughty and texting The Bartender. He had come down to meet us at the first place and I wanted to go back and see him.  (You know, because in the scheme of things I should always put more effort into a super young bartender rather than an around-my-age pro-athlete (even if it is just cricket). Ay yi yi.  My decision-making skills need some work when it comes to men — clearly.)

In any case, we finally went back to the bar/hotel and met up with The Bartender. I was done drinking at this point, and dancing. It was fucking 4:30am. I just wanted to get to bed.

I said goodbye to A first and then CCP (told him I was going to bed and he asked if I wanted him to tuck me in. Um, ewww. No. I do not.) and then snuck out before any of them could follow me. The Bartender gave me his jacket to wear and we had to pass by his front desk colleagues for him to take me to my room. (It’s slightly embarrassing, actually, and not the first time I’ve been judged by hotel staff. Will fill you in on that story later.)

He took me to my floor, we said our goodbyes and kissed outside my room for a little bit. I was SUCH a good girl and did not invite him in. I actually don’t think he would’ve come in anyway, he was really nervous about being caught. He told me I made quite an impression on him and that if I ever wanted to work behind the bar, I had a place with him. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Oh! And! While we were walking, he told me the cricket team had been after every girl possible in the hotel. I think that was his not so subtle way of telling me I wasn’t that special to CCP. I didn’t really say much, except was I the first guest he’s ever made out with? I really doubt it. A lot.

So, the tally for that night was 2 boys, about 2 hours apart. Not bad. Tally for the trip was 3 total, bookending the first and last nights…. And diverse! One American, one Namibian and one Canadian/Indian. I’m SO getting my groove back for real. Awesome.

I’ve drank at the same bar at the hotel almost every night since I’ve been here. A little (ok, a lot of) harmless flirting with the very young, but verrrrrry cute, bartender makes it all worth while. Plus the free drinks he hands out every now and then. I’ve had more blow-job shots this week than I ever have before in my life… Although, I think that count was zero before this, so it wasn’t so hard to beat. But anyway, I’ve also met some super cool people who I count as friends now.

I met a girl, A, who is half-Angolan, half-Namibian and we have had a lot of fun together. She’s engaged to be married, but honestly, I don’t think she ever will marry him – she said as much herself. She wants to be committed but not really with him – she wants her freedom. He’s going to be heartbroken pretty soon, I think.

I also met a member of the Canadian Cricket Team. He’s cute, funny and surprisingly intuitive. The three of us were chatting tonight and he said the following about me: “CurryLove is really thoughtful – she doesn’t speak just to speak. Her words have meaning. She really means what she says too, she doesn’t just say things.”

I was super flattered but also really surprised. I’ve had other people tell me the same thing, especially at work. One of my best compliments ever was from a colleague who said: “You know, you don’t really speak a lot in meetings, but when you do, what you say is really important and worthwhile.”  I try to measure my words and not be careless. I’m glad that comes across, even to strangers.

On a kind-of separate note, I’ve about had it with the stupid ‘new-colonial‘ attitudes that still exist in the work I do and it is driving me nuts. This whole ‘careful’ speaking may go out the window pretty soon. I went to dinner with some coworkers – all of who are really nice, that’s not the problem. I had to leave the table for a bit and when I came back, one of my coworkers was talking about how the Native Americans were so disenfranchised because for so long they were just the “other” category when data was being represented and how awful it was and OMG isn’t it sooooo sad for them.

It basically took all my willpower to not say anything, but what I really wanted to say was, ‘Bitch, do you know how long in my life I’ve been “other”????’  From grade school until high school, I was the “other” category. There were three choices on standardized tests: White, Black, Other.  

It never really bothered me that I wasn’t represented on the forms, it made sense. My constituency just didn’t have the presence to warrant being there. It changed as I got older but good god, I was never a lesser person because of it. It didn’t shape me or my thoughts and I certainly didn’t need anyone else to fight my fights for me.

I love traveling and I love being out here, but fuck if most everyone at work doesn’t annoy the crap out of me. I am sick of the attitudes that are condescending and falsely encouraging, all at once — a different coworker told me today that she wanted to help develop capacity, so I said that’s great! Maybe we can help write papers – she said, no, the staff isn’t that good.

Are you fucking kidding me? So you’re here to ‘save’ everyone but don’t think they’re smart enough to do it? Fuck off. Again, it took a lot of willpower for me to not just bitch her out in the meeting. I know I didn’t do a good job hiding my disdain, but I don’t give a shit.

What is wrong with people?? These people, always white, come here and think they’re going to save the poor Africans from themselves. How do they not see what they’re really doing? How are they so oblivious??


Some pics from my trip to the amazing sand dunes of Namibia!


On the way to Sossusvlei

Sunset in the mountains



Moonset over the dunes



Climbing up


Quintessential African tree picture



People climbing the Big Mama dune

I love it here…except for the fact that it’s Easter and the entire city shuts down. Literally, the only thing open is this hotel and a casino across the street. Cause Jesus never said you can’t gamble on Easter. 

Last night after work but before I had my salad all alone, I thought I’d try to find somewhere else to eat. Ha. Since today is a holiday (Good Friday), that meant everyone ended their work week yesterday at exactly 4:59:59.

On my way out of the hotel around 5:30, I asked the bellhop if anything would be open and he just laughed at me. This happens a lot, actually, for various reasons. Anyway, he said maybe there would be a Checkers open, which was located where, you may ask?

Per his words: “Cross the street. Go to that building. Then, go inside and get on the stairs but do not walk. Just stand there and the stairs will take you down. Then go to your left.”

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I just smiled while he told me how to take the escalator. Love him.

Today, I had to work from the hotel and the maid came by. I felt like a jackass sitting here while she worked… I actually asked if I could help her. She laughed at me too (it’s a pattern) and she said I wouldn’t know what to do. I told her my parents owned a motel so I grew up changing sheets (only putting on the clean ones, we weren’t allowed to touch anything dirty in the rooms) and spraying down furniture.  So she asked: “Don’t you want to take me back so I can work for you there?” Awww. Actually, she was really pretty. She wouldn’t be working as a maid for long is my guess.

Anyway, we were still chatting and she said, “I’ve never seen you before – you’re always out or have your do not disturb sign on” – which, why would I be in the room all the time? How many people does she see in the rooms? But anyway, then she says, “I thought a black girl was in here.” 

AND I SAY: “Why? Because I have a lot of products?”

OMG! I don’t even know what that means! Is it racist? It might be! Luckily she couldn’t really answer why she thought someone of a different color was in here… and I was just hoping I didn’t offend her and was wondering how stereotypical I can be. But then I got to thinking, is that even a stereotype ? I have no clue. 

See, this is what happens when you’re in the room all day. Luckily, I’m headed to Sossusvlei this weekend and cannot wait. Let’s see who I can possibly offend in a different part of Namibia.

I’ve had dinner by myself every night since I’ve been here but tonight was the first night I ate really alone. Usually I sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders or other hotel guests who are also traveling solo, but tonight the only thing I wanted (a salad) was only available at one restaurant at the hotel, and it didn’t have a bar. 

So I sat at a real table with my Shape magazine (I like to read it and never do any of the workouts) and ate my salad and then my chocolate mousse cake, which was to dieeeeeeeeeeeee for (while still reading my magazine that tells me eating chocolate cake won’t help me get flat abs. So what. It was yum.)

This is not some epiphany post where I discover how much I love eating in silence, reading, meditating. No. It sucks. I hated it. I even tried super hard to ‘savor every bite’  but really, I just felt like a mental-case and was fucking bored.

Back to the bar for me tomorrow!


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