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My bathroom drawers were realllllllly bothering me – the kind of bothering where even when I was watching tv, I would think “Those drawers are a mess. I should clean them.” Not that I got up and did anything, but it has been nagging me for awhile.

So today… a perfectly beautiful Saturday afternoon, I put some laundry in and got to work.


I mean, I know why. Because when I need one for travel, I can’t find the ones I already have because I put nothing back in its place, so I think I don’t have any and I buy a new one. Now I have 4.


Again, I know why. Someone was probably coming over, and I shoved it under the sink thinking I’d grab it later … and forgot. The Mint 3 Musketeers is fabulous, by the way. Just the right amount of mint.  Fuck yeah I ate it.

Third of all…. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT?!?!?!

Not just in my bathroom drawers. Everywhere: Clothes, shoes, accessories (including scarves, gloves, jewelery), purses, tupperware, glasses, silverware, magazines, luggage, bedding, paper towels, hair care products, books, souvenirs.

EVERYTHING. Turns out, I’ve been keeping the American and African economies going ALL BY MYSELF.  I’m the Queen of Clearance sales… but I need to learn that just because something’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to end up in my place. Because, really – I live alone. Do I need 4 full size tubes of toothpaste? Was the sale on 3 for $3.50 Crest REALLY such a good sale when I can’t finish them?? I barely manage to brush my teeth twice a day – it’s not like they’re getting used up. SIGH.

I’m embarrassed by how much I have, annoyed at myself for having it, and mad that I sound like a hoarder.

No more shopping. For anything. Those 2 Kate Spade bags I just bought (on mega-sale, of course)? THE LAST OF THEIR KIND.





This weekend, while I was battling the animals in urban Atlanta (mainly in the form of a frog that hitched a ride with me to the recycling center, at which point I then spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get it off my plastic bag so it didn’t get thrown into the bin and at the same time, not jump on me because I would’ve screamed like a banshee…), I had friends who were off on safari.

So because I’m insanely jealous that all I saw was a frog, and they saw some of the Big Five, I’m posting safari pictures of my own from a 2010 trip to Kruger.  This was one of my most favorite vacations ever, because my family went with me as well — we had the BEST time 🙂

To this day, my mom, dad, brother and aunt will say, “We can’t believe we saw all that!”

Enjoy! (click the first picture to open the gallery)

I’m writing this from a rooftop bar in Namibia, with an amazing sunset and a plate of pasta in front of me. Rough life. (I’ll post pics soon, promise.)

Last night, I had to layover  in Johannesburg. I went to the hotel bar and sat by myself and had 2 glasses of white wine. Just chatted with the bartender and was going to go to bed decently early.  And then he showed up… let’s call him G.

G had just quit his job and was starting a trip around the world, beginning in Botswana, going through most of southern Africa, heading to Asia and then home to the states before going back to Europe. I didn’t ask how he was funding this, though I was totally wondering.  We chatted a LOT – he is cute, funny, American and just generally really nice. Great body too – used to be a swimmer. Tall, thin, swimmer’s build still. We had a great time talking and laughing, and I somehow had 2 more glasses of wine.

Basically, I finished a bottle on my own…. Nice.

We finished up and he very sweetly paid for my dinner and drinks.   And then… because I’m a sort-of slut…. he came back to my room. I didn’t mean for it to happen but it just did! We made out for a long time. Well, it could’ve been 5 minutes for all I remember. I have no fucking clue how we started, but like I said, he was cute and funny and going to be in London for the Olympics, and I figured I should get some back-up plans started in case all my friends (who are reading this!) bail on me. I think I actually may have asked for a place to stay. If I hadn’t been so drunk, maybe I would remember the answer now.

In any case, we made out for however long… and surprisingly my clothes stayed on. Usually something comes off. Ok, truthfully, usually everything comes off. But even in my drunk state, I couldn’t let the slut out that wants to come out. Stupid morals.

At some point, I think I asked him to stay the night (although, I’d already told him I was on my period so nothing was going to happen beyond kissing) and yeah… he was just like, “nah… i gotta get up early.”  Right – I’d already told him nothing was going to happen, so why would he stay? Was he going to tuck me in?? It makes no sense now that I’m sober, but I don’t think I was so nice about it last night. Fuck if I know what happened at the end – I laid down in bed, he left, and then I puked. Cause I am so super classy that I drank a bottle of wine, took some random guy back to my room, made out with him and then vomited. At least I waited till he left.

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